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12 Clever Ways to Store Your Masks at Home and on the Go

As a result of the pandemic, many of us now wear masks every day. Having proper storage for your mask keeps it clean and accessible.
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Always Have a Clean Mask Ready

Unlike car keys, it’s easy to forget to bring a mask along on your outings. Having a storage solution for your masks becomes a helpful habit, so you always have a clean mask ready to go. When storing a mask between uses, fold it in half and always keep the same side facing out.

Remembering to bring a mask along is only half of the battle. With reusable masks, having a backup or two ensures you’re always using a clean one. (We tend to assume our faces are always clean, but there are many ways our masks get dirty—having an extra one at the ready is always a good idea.) With these clever mask storage solutions, your face coverings will always be within arm’s reach whether you’re at home or on the go.

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Not Just for Snacks

There are plenty of handy items that can be repurposed for mask storage. These silicone sandwich or snack bags from Stasher are awesome options for holding masks. Not only do they come in colors that stand out, but you can keep them in a car, purse, or backpack and wash them in the dishwasher to get rid of germs from used or dirty masks. Available at Amazon.

Keep Your Mask with Your Keys

If you’re leaving the house, you always bring your keys along. Having your mask and keys stored together ensures your mask does not get left behind. A key hook with a mailbox or cubby is a helpful tool, since these compartments can function as a dirty mask bin, making it easy to swap out used masks for fresh ones. We like this classic style mail and keyholder that’s available at Target.

Reuse a Tissue Box

Tissue boxes are made to fit well in so many places, even in a car’s cup holders. Instead of just recycling your next empty tissue box, keep it for storing your masks. You can stuff multiple reusable masks inside a tissue box, in the same way as tissues. With proper folding you can create a stack of masks that you can carefully put inside the tissue box. If you fold them correctly, when you pull out a mask, the next one should pop up like a tissue.

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Old Eyeglasses Cases

Homes accumulate a bunch of unnecessary items but rather than throw them out, you can turn them into mask storage. If you bought new glasses, they come with a new case—but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your old glasses case. Give it a new lease on life and make it a storage space for your masks. These can store your clean masks in a drawer at work, in your bag, or in the car. The protective nature of these cases keeps masks clean, and you can typically fit two masks inside.

A DIY Hanger

Some people have a ton of sunglasses, others are scarf people, and some are really into shoes. If masks are your favorite new accessory, why not give them the attention they deserve?

Using some ingenuity and a couple of materials you already have at home, you can turn your masks into a practical work of art. Secure some chain or string to a wall, and use some wood or plastic clothespins to keep your masks on display (and serve as a visual reminder to bring one with you when you leave the house). This is a fun way to display a collection of colorful masks.

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Keep Extras in the Closet

While you likely have masks stored in the car and your bag, it never hurts to keep a supply of masks at home. But where to store them? We’re really into repurposing items and if you have a tie or belt hanger that’s not storing much, these special hangers may be better suited to storing your masks at home. These tie hangers don’t take up much closet space, and they’re just the right size for holding masks. Available at Target.

A Solution for Families

A mask is one of those things that you shouldn’t share. In families, keep everybody’s masks organized by converting a hanging shoe organizer into a mask organizer. Use a label maker to attach names, so everybody knows whose mask is whose. This shoe organizer from MISSLO can be a catch-all for outdoor accessories for the whole family. It’s easy to see what’s stored inside its 24 mesh pockets; pockets that are not occupied by masks are handy spots for keeping mittens and wool hats in the winter. Available at Amazon.

A Little Rustic Style

Is there anything a good mason jar can’t do? This practical invention is also another fun way to store your clean masks. You can decorate these jars (or another repurposed jar) to match your home, office, or personality. Use fabric strips, stickers, glue, and more to make a mask container and really reflect your personality or give kids a fun spot to keep their masks. No jars at home? Consider picking up some Ball mason jars from Amazon.

Cute Cotton Bags

Mask storage doesn’t have to be super fancy, but it can certainly be cute. This 20-pack of cotton muslin drawstring bags is great for mask storage in many locations. Keep one in your gym bag, one at work, in the car, or inside your coat pockets. Leave them plain, or turn these into a craft project using stamps, paint, and more. You can tie the strings of the bag to a backpack or purse zipper to make sure you always have a mask on hand. Available at Amazon.

Storage for Students

If your student is notorious for sleeping in and forgetting important items when racing to make it to school on time, here’s a brilliant solution. Invest in binder sleeves that have pockets and store a couple of extra masks inside each binder. As long as students remember their schoolwork, they will always have a mask available. We like EOOUT’s velcro seal pocket dividers, which are available at Amazon.

Dedicated Organizer Bags

You need to keep masks readily available, but perhaps you want a sleeker storage option. Using hanging organizer storage bags hung by the front door, your family can use one bin for clean masks and another for dirty ones. This option keeps the house tidy, but still makes masks available when family members are running out the door. Looking for inspiration? We recommend this 2-pack of hanging storage bags available on Amazon.

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A Purpose-Built Mask Case

It’s hard to forget your mask if it’s attached to your bag or keys. This neoprene mask holder has an attached carabiner clip, which makes sure you never leave a mask behind again! Slip a few clean masks inside, and you’re good to go. This is a super handy item for kids and adults alike. Pick your favorite design, and you’ll always have a mask ready when you need it. Available at Amazon.