12 Days of Christmas DIY

From pine cone garlands to recycled coffee-cup ornaments, we've gathered 12 easy-to-do Christmas DIY projects to brighten your holidays.

Ice Luminaries

Christmas Luminaries

Fill a plastic container two-thirds of the way with water, cranberries, and greens. Then place a smaller container (filled with water for weight) inside the first. Pop the whole thing in the freezer and once frozen, run it under hot water until the plastic containers separate. Insert a votive and strike a match!

From Raised in Cotton.

raisedincotton.type pad.com

Bell Jar Ornaments

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament

Separate the stem and flute from the bottoms of plastic wine glasses, trimming down their stems with a Dremel or utility knife. Glue small figurines to pieces of chipboard, then glue the wine glass (flute-side down) onto the chipboard, over the figurines. Once everything dries, funnel in glitter to complete the winter scene.

From My So-Called Crafty Life.


Paper Christmas Tree Skirt

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Cut six large concentric circles out of craft paper and layer them on top of each other, each layer slightly smaller than the one underneath. Next, cut a smaller circle—large enough for the trunk of the tree—out of the center of these circles. Glue each layer together around this opening and cut fringe around the edges for a charming and unique tree skirt! 

From Poppy Haus.


Ornament Garland

Christmas Garland

Who said ornaments had to go in trees? String together leftover ornaments—or pick up some new ones—to make this beautiful holiday garland. Simply thread lightweight twine through the hook hole of each ornament and then cluster them tightly. In no time, you'll be decking the halls.

From How To Nest For Less


Candy Lights

DIY Candy Lights

Just when you thought Christmas lightscouldn't get any cuter. Clump together colored cellophane and a section of twinkle lights. Place inside a light, clear container (e.g., corsage box). Wrap colored cellophane around the outside of the container and squeeze pipe cleaners around each end to create the look of a candy wrapper. Repeat as many times as you can along the string!

From Oh Happy Day.


Paper Ornaments

DIY Paper Christmas Ornament

These are DIY ornaments you can make while drinking your morning coffee! Cut newspaper—or any paper—into thin strips. Fold the strips into loops. Hot glue the loops together in a circle and add chipboard stars to the center for flair!

From Scrapbooks Etc.


Stenciled Mugs

DIY Stenciled Mug

Everyone loves mugs! Stencila message or design of your choosing on a plain mug using glass paint, then bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Fill with presents or keep for yourself—get that hot chocolate ready! 

From One Artsy Mama.


Christmasy Candle

Mason Jar Candle

Put a branch of greenery in the bottom of a Mason jar. Fill two-thirds of the way with water, then add some cranberries and a floating candle for a simple and charming accent to invite holiday cheer. 

From BHG.


Pine Cone Garland

Pine Cone Garland

A pine cone garland can bring in a rustic sense of the outdoors, especially this time of year. Simply string loops to the base of each pine cone and then tie each loop to a long string—here's our step-by-step tutorial

From BobVila.com.


Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

Not every tree needs branches. Pin layers of holiday cupcake liners to a foam cone for a fun and easy tabletop Christmas tree!

From A Spoonful Of Sugar Designs.


Holiday Potpourri

Christmas Potrpourri

Make your whole house smell like the boughs of a Christmas tree. Spritz some wintery pine cones and greenery with a spray made from a mixture of distilled water and essential oils. I can practically smell it from here!

From Creative Kismet.


Evergreen Wreath

DIY Evergreen Wreath

Start with a hoop, either plastic or made from a branch. Place a clump of greenery on the hoop and secure it by tightly wrapping wire around the stems. Layer a second bunch over the first, being careful to conceal the wire. Repeat all the way around the circle... and you've got yourself an evergreen wreath!

From BobVila.com.

Jennifer Noonan

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