12 DIY Ways to Dress Up Your House for Fall

It’s here—crisp, cozy, colorful autumn. Celebrate the season with some of these fall DIY accents for your home.

  1. Bobbing Apple Votives

    Bobbing Apple Votives

    Nestled snugly in a bed of chestnuts, these apple votives are easy to make. Remove some of the apple to make space for the candles; to get a clean, accurate cut, score the apple first with the metal top of a tea light. For fall fan bonus points, use candles with seasonal scents.

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  2. Functional Storage Tree

    Functional Storage Tree

    Here’s a great way to put salvaged branches to good use. Transform an empty wall into a storage station by nailing up a wooden frame fitted with hook-shaped branches to hold hats, bags, and jackets.

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    Etsy via DriftingConcepts

  3. Floating Leaves

    Floating Leaves

    For a striking autumn mantel or wall display, press colorful fall leaves between a book to flatten and dry, then showcase each leaf sandwiched between two equal-size pieces of glass inside a frame, as the blogger at Stone Gable Blog has done.

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  4. Rustic Twig Mirror

    Rustic Twig Mirror

    This project takes just a few supplies, and the result will be a home accent you’ll want to leave out all year long. A ring of cardboard creates the perfect surface upon which to hot glue a starburst of twigs, which can be left natural or spray-painted. Add some homemade pom poms to the front or attach a round mirror to the back to add extra style or functionality.

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  5. Filled Jars and Vases

    Filled Jars and Vases

    Repurpose different-size glass vessels by filling them up with your fall finds. Use leaves, acorns, pinecones, branches of bittersweet, or miniature pumpkins...or make the displays edible with dozens of bite-size seckel pears or clementines.

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  6. Autumn in Disguise

    Autumn in Disguise

    If your overall home decor just doesn’t jibe with the warm hues of autumn, then paint autumn to suit your palette! There’s no reason why pumpkins and pinecones would mind spending some time underneath a cover of green, blue, or whatever suits your fancy, like in this vignette by Jennifer Rizzo.

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  7. Felt-tastic


    Unapologetically colorful, these felt autumn leaves come together with thick, yellow yarn, and add a playful touch to any room. There’s no “right” way to create your own. Go for simple rounded leaves or cut out felt in the shape of oak or maple leaves.

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  8. Fall Finials

    Fall Finials

    In less than 10 minutes, you can adorn a doorway, mantle, or staircase with a taste of the outdoors by gracing them with pinecones from your yard. Bake the pinecones in the oven for a few minutes to kill any bugs, then screw some cup hooks into the base of the cone and attach them to a length of natural ribbon, as the bloggers at Redeem Your Ground have done. Spray-paint the pinecones gold, silver, or any other color that complements your decor or leave them au naturel for a more rustic look.

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  9. Words of Thanks

    Words of Thanks

    Especially appropriate for the Thanksgiving sideboard, these stenciled wood slats say it perfectly. Reclaimed wood from a crate or chest serves as the background for stenciled or freehand words of thanks.

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    Etsy via truelovecreates

  10. A Window With a View

    A Window With a View

    Summer may be over, but there’s no need to put away the window boxes for the season. Fill them up with gourds, small pumpkins, dried wheat stalks, and hardy green plants like decorative cabbage and kale. This box from Pretty Pink Tulips even includes evergreen vines that are hardy enough to weather the crisp days of fall.

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  11. In the Round

    In the Round

    A wire wreath frame and a skein of yarn come together to make a modern and striking fall wreath. Cut strands of yarn to the desired length (pictured here, 4 feet), then fold in half and loop pieces over each layer of wire. When arranged along the bottom third portion of the wreath frame, the strands naturally form a chevron shape that is simple yet beautiful.

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  12. Birch-Look Candles

    Birch-Look Candles

    A plain LED pillar candle is transformed into a rustic fall accent by applying birch-patterned scrapbook paper with craft glue. The blogger behind this project was inspired by a pricier version at Pottery Barn and replicated the look for only a handful of dollars.

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  13. Fall Flair

    Fall Flair

    A few DIY accents can really bring the beauty of fall into your home.


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