12 Gadgets to Lead Your Home into the Future

Sick of housekeeping and home maintenance? Worry not. These home automation products do it all for you—no kidding!

The 21st Century Home

Smart Home

Crossing tasks off your to-do list is a little easier today, thanks to amazing advancements in digital technology. Whether you're cleaning the gutters or kicking back to relax in the den, there is now a home automation gadget to help you get the job done. Here's the best part: You don't have to lift a finger!


Honda Miimo

Lawn Mower Robot

Mowing is a tiresome weekend chore dreaded by homeowners everywhere. Say hello (and thank you!) to the Honda Miimo. This roving lawn mower cuts a pre-set measurement of grass over the course of seven days. Your only legwork is a one-time installation of perimeter wire that prevents the gizmo from wandering off into your neighbor's yard.


Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

The thermostat is behind nearly half of your home’s total energy consumption. Think about the difference an energy-smart unit could make for your household budget. The Nest Learning Thermostat quickly gets to know your family's schedule, then programs itself accordingly. Throughout the day, it makes countless tiny adjustments that maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. 


Ecovacs Winbot

Window Robot

Winbot is to windows what the popular Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner is to floors. A cleaning pad, built-in squeegee, and drying pad are all part of this impressive gizmo, which suctions to a window or mirror, criss-crossing the surface until there's no trace of dirt or dust.




Can't remember if you locked the door or not? Lockitron enables you to check, without having to drive home and see for yourself. Left it unlocked? Just press a button on your smartphone or tablet in order to correct your mistake—done! Now if only we could only remember whether or not the iron is off...


Belkin WeMo Light Switch

Remote Light Switch

Belkin’s WeMo Light Switch allows you to control your home’s lights from any location, be it a different country or if you're feeling a little lazy, the couch in your living room. The system works with an iOS- and Android-compatible app, as well as with your home's existing internet and wiring—no expensive new electrical work necessary. 


Toro Xtra Smart Soil Moisture Sensor

Moisture Sensor

Automatic sprinkler systems are nice, but they can lead to over- or under-watering. Toro’s wireless Xtra Smart Soil Moisture Sensor keeps the moisture level of your landscape just right. Not only will the health of you lawn improve, but your wallet (and the earth) will benefit, as well. 


Roku 3M Streaming Projector

Home Projector

Sometimes a regular-size screen just doesn’t cut it. That's why Roku's 3M Streaming Projector is a must. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this little gizmo features powerful speakers, so you can host your viewing party indoors or out. All you need is a wi-fi signal—and a bowl of popcorn!


Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener

Garage App

Are you scrambling to locate the garage door opener every time you pull the car into your driveway? Craftsman's Assurelink Garage Door Opener enables you to operate the garage door with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. That means if you forget to close the door as you're hurrying to work in the morning, you can secure your garage from the comfort of your office chair.


KitchenAid In-Sink Dishwasher

Sink Dishwasher

A dream come true for the chef in any home (or rental apartment), the KitchenAid In-Sink Dishwasher frees up coveted cabinet space. Easily moved if you need access to the sink, the appliance, when you close the its lid, doubles as a usable countertop. Yet another advantage: The machine uses 20% less water than a traditional front-load dishwasher.


Belkin Conserve Socket

Smart Outlet

You don’t have to remember to turn off the iron, either! You can rest assured that it won’t set the house on fire, so long as you've plugged it into the Belkin Conserve Socket. This smart outlet automatically turns off after a set amount of time has elapsed. Use this simple, handy tool to prevent mishaps or to save money on your monthly electric bills.



Twine Box

Twine detects small problems before they become big ones. You decide what you want the box to monitor—moisture, temperature, movement—and if there's something to report, Twine alerts you immediately via text, email, or even Twitter.

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iRobot Looj 330

Gutter Cleaner

The task of cleaning gutters is an unenviable one. Entrust the job to the iRobot Looj 330, then sit back in a lawn chair to watch this humbly miraculous machine kick out the muck.


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