12 New Designs to Change Your Mind About Radiators

New radiators mean that keeping warm the old fashioned way no longer forces you to leave your style sense out in the cold.

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A New Life for Radiators


From slim, wall-mounted versions to traditional monolith iron models, many of us still rely on the classic radiator to heat our interiors. But as some consider them an eyesore, we wanted to defend the honor of this classic heater and showcase some of our favorite new fashionable takes on an old fixture.

Low Profile


Belgium-based Vasco’s new Flatline radiator is exactly what its name suggests. The ultra-slim profile makes it a sleek alternative to traditional radiators, while its flat water-conducting front plate and robust steel construction make it both functional and durable.

Sculptural Delight


The sculptural Trame radiator stands out as a piece of art. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, the radiator takes on the look of woven material, even though it’s made of steel. And with valves mounted up to six meters from the radiator, new design opportunities exist for the entire room.

Architect's Palette


The manufacturer Runtal has introduced a line of radiators available in some of renowned modernist architect Le Corbusier’s classic colors. Now your radiator can be a design statement instead of an eyesore.

Dual Purpose


Arbonia’s bench seat radiator is a multipurpose design, providing a heat source as well as a place to sit. Your toasty room (and bottom!) will thank you. 

Diamond in the Rough


Four Steel’s electric and water radiator Black Diamond plays up the geometric design popular in today’s design community. Constructed in stainless steel and iron, it comes finished in White, Brushed, Forge, and Gold options. The added bonus? It looks nothing like how you would expect a radiator to look.

Rock Solid


When Swiss company Bremo launched their Roca Caliente radiators, the idea was to make something totally one-of-a-kind—and with a slab marble front, these rockin’ radiators are just that.

Work of Art


Looking to take radiators out of the corner and put them into the limelight, Antonio Pizzolante designed this statement radiator for Italian brand Brem. Doubling as a work of art, the heater warms a room both physically… and culturally.

Bamboo You


K8 Radiatori’s beautiful bamboo design consists of bamboo-like metal tubes, sticks out only 3 1/2 inches from the wall once installed, and looks stunning in any finish. Whether your decor has a feng shui vibe or you’re just looking for a change, bamboo can’t be beat.

Under Cover


Have an existing radiator that’s a bit of an eyesore? Building a radiator cover is a relatively simple DIY task, as proven by the blogger DIY with ADD, who built this version for her Brooklyn brownstone. Big box home improvement stores feature options for the pierced front panel, so check your local source for cloverleaf, mosaic, and grid designs.

Full Steam Ahead


Projecting only 2 1/2 inches from the wall, customizable in a rainbow of colors, and available in lengths of 24 to 72 inches, the versatile Steamview radiator is an ideal option for small space and retrofit applications alike.



Italian company I-Radium turns the typical idea of a radiator on its ear with their Kelly infrared heater. Shaped like a child’s standing chalkboard, this plug-in heat source goes where you need it while not cramping your design style.



We are living in a material world… and sometimes it gets cold. Don’t settle for any old space heater—warm up with this Madge-inspired radiator, and come on, vogue!