12 Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

Collecting rainwater is an eco-friendly way to nourish your lawn and garden (and the savings on your water bill isn't so bad, either!). With these rain containment products, you'll save money and Mother Earth in style.

Rain Collection

Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

Even when rain is in short supply, beautiful rain barrels are not. According to Surfrider.org, if your area gets 1 inch of rain, you can harvest about 0.62 gallons of rain per square foot of roof area—that's 620 gallons of water off a 1,000-square-foot roof. If you can capture this water, it's possible to reduce your home water use by up to 40 percent. (Be sure to clear your plans for capturing rain water with your municipality first, however, because some areas prohibit rain water collection in times of drought.)

Once you've decided to give rain water collection a go and your community green-lights your plan, the next order of business is deciding what kind of rain barrel you'll buy to catch the rainwater. Why plant a bulky, commercial-looking cylinder on your property when you could opt for a much prettier vessel?


Treelike Texture

Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

Nature-inspired without being kitschy, this Good Ideas rain barrel is a piece of garden art in its own right. Besides its beautiful sandstone finish, this 50-gallon rain saver is resistant to puncture, impact, cracking, fading, and breakage. It is weatherproof and comes with a one-year warranty. Our favorite features are the two brass spigots for simultaneous drainage, and an internal reservoir for easy care and upkeep. Best of all? The built-in flower pot, which doubles as a lid.

Get the Good Idea Impressions Bark 50 Gallon Rain Barrel at Target for $115.99.


Faux Stone

Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

Another Good Ideas rain barrel, the Downton model channels the look of European cobblestone streets. If your home or patio area are faced with stone, this elegant rain harvester will blend right in. Select from three natural hues, light granite, dark granite, and sandstone. Made of durable polyethylene plastic, it is waterproof and weather-resistant. The integrated overflow channel diverts any excess water and prevents flooding. Worried about debris or insects in your water? This rain barrel also comes with a screen to filter out unwanted substances. Two brass spigots and an eye-catching flower pot lid complete the look.

Get the Good Idea Impressions Downton 50 Gallon Rain Barrel on Wayfair for $175.28.


Wicker Basket

Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

This Algreen rain barrel is made of sturdy plastic, but it looks like wicker. It features a gentle urn shape, brass fixtures, and a pleasant, fade-resistant black finish. In addition to its convenient spigot placement, the barrel's design is resistant to water, weather, and more. Unlike its Good Ideas counterparts above, this Algreen model lacks a planter, but its overall resemblance to one should still help it fit right into any deck, patio, porch, or garden.

Get the Algreen Wicker 50 Gallon Rain Barrel on Wayfair for $123.46.


"Wood" Barrel

Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

Check out this 50-gallon FCMB rain barrel for a more classic (and literal) look. Although the "bands" (or staves) of the rain barrel match the rest of its brown polyethylene finish, thoughtful placement against a wall should allow it to blend in with similar farmhouse-style surroundings. That's made even easier by its unique flat-back design, which also saves space. The back of the barrel features an overflow connection, while the bottom is grooved to allow a connected hose to direct water away from a building's foundation.

Get the FCMB 50 Gallon Rain Barrel at The Home Depot for $132.35.


Column Planter

Best Rain Barrels - Good Ideas Tall Rain Barrel

For folks living in areas that get a lot of rain, why not invest in a 55-gallon rain saver? The extra 5 gallons will shrink your water bill. And with this subtle column design, you won’t have to sacrifice home aesthetics. This Good Ideas rain saver is made of a polyethylene resin and comes in light or dark granite, khaki, and green. These color won't fade from weather exposure, and the sophisticated design won’t dominate your garden. With a forward-flowing diversion channel and a brass spigot, this column-style “rain barrel” comes with a debris screen to keep unwanted floaters out of your water. Position it close to your home, under your eaves, and plant some bright, water-loving plants in its lid.

Get the Good Ideas Savannah Rain Saver on Wayfair for $238.04.


Matte Black

Best Rain Barrels - EarthMinded RainStation black rain barrel

Claiming to have the “easiest diverter installation in the industry,” Earth Minded’s RainStation is sleek, efficient, and stress-free. Just situate this rain barrel near any downspout around your home, garage, or outbuilding, and the patented diverter promises to simplify installation and usage. The RainStation is available in terracotta and black, with the latter resin being made from 85% recycled plastic. With a 45-gallon capacity and a snap-on lid that doubles as a planter, it's a convenient size for balconies, decks, and patios.

Get the EarthMinded RainStation at The Home Depot for $145.04


Pottery-Shaped Urn

Best Rain Barrels - Gardeners Supply Company Rainwater Urn

Despite its clay-colored matte finish, this pottery-shaped urn is actually made of high-quality, UV-stabilized polyethylene. It has a 50-gallon capacity, a single brass spigot, and a mesh screen guard for purity. In its functional yet decorative lid, you can display a potted plant or store garden tools, making its planter design as functional as it is attractive. While the collected rainwater should not be used for drinking, it can serve a host of other functions, from gardening to cleaning. Choose from two earth-tone hues: terracotta and brown.

Get the Rainwater Urn at Gardener's Supply Company for $179.


Large Planter

Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

This 100-gallon rain barrel from Algreen can collect a much higher volume of rainwater than the other options shown here. That's reflected in the barrel's higher cost, but the ability to store more water coupled with a dual overflow design (one brass spigot and one standard hose connection), corrosion-proof screen, and realistic matte texture makes the price tag easier to swallow. It comes in believable brownstone, charcoalstone, sandstone, and terra cotta finishes, measures 3 feet tall and wide, and blends right in with any outdoor container garden.

Get the Algreen Barcelona Rain Barrel on Wayfair for $522.59.


Powerful Plastic

Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

The Koolscapes 75-gallon rain barrel is built for extremes. With an extra-large capacity, it can also handle hot and cold temps, thanks to its “rotational-molded plastic construction.” This process avoids defects in the form and strengthens the material. A built-in threaded fitting allows you to easily connect a soaker or garden hose, and it also sports a brass spigot. With its evenly balanced base and secure grid, Koolscapes barrel is childproof and designed for stability. It may be plastic, but passersby will think it’s stone.

Get the Koolscapes Stone-Look Rain Barrel at The Home Depot for $199


Modern Lines

Best Rain Barrels - Sol 72 Black Rain Barrel

With its contemporary profile and affordable price, Latitude Run's Camarillo rain barrel stores up to 49 gallons of rainwater. Its flat silhouette saves space, and the barrel is crafted from UV-resistant plastic (it is not BPA-free, however). A 4-foot hose, nozzles, corrosion-proof screen guard, and two-year warranty are included with your complete rain harvesting system. The lid doesn’t double as a planter, but it looks especially clean and modern when decorated with smooth river stones.

Get the Latitude Run Camarillo Rain Barrel on Wayfair for $112.99.


Colonial Planter

Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

Is this a rain barrel, a raised garden bed, or an architectural feature? A great choice for brick, colonial, and other traditional American home styles, Good Ideas' Savannah rain saver disguises a 50-gallon barrel as a fully functional raised planter. Built out of heavy-duty polyethylene resin, the strong, clean lines look like painted wood, but this rain saver is far more weather-resistant and crackproof. With a flat-back design to save you space, this white barrel is outfitted with two brass spigots and an overflow channel to prevent water from trickling against your home’s foundation. Topped with a deep trough for planting flowers, this pretty rain saver will save money, boost your green cred, and enhance your curb appeal all at once.

Get the Good Ideas Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver at Target for $169.99.


Mock Rock

Best Rain Barrels - Good Ideas rock rain barrel

Providing camouflage and a 42-gallon rain gathering capacity, a Good Ideas rock rain barrel can be a great landscaping addition to your garden. They look like big boulders, but are actually made of durable plastic. The downspout diverter keeps your rain barrel full and prevents it from overflowing. With its naturalistic look, this discreet barrel is great for maintaining a natural rock garden look in your landscape while providing the natural benefits of water conservation.

Get the Good Ideas Rain Wizard Rock Rain Barrel at Wayfair for $170.81.

The prices in this article are accurate as of September 14, 2022.


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