13 Reasons We Love Blue Bedrooms

Blue is one of the world's most popular colors. Taking its inspiration from the sea and sky, it represents peace and tranquility, relaxation and well-being; qualities that make it the perfect color choice for bedrooms. Here are 13 blue hues to consider for your own room.

  1. Global Waters - Glidden

    Global Waters Glidden

    Described as a “complex deep blue,” this shade from Glidden—with a faint hint of green—creates a soothing atmosphere for a restful sleep.

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  2. Edgewater - Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt And Lambert Edgewater

    Inspired by the ocean and coastal style, this subtle blue from Pratt & Lambert keeps the space light and bright and oh-so-tranquil. 

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  3. Celestial Blue - PPG

    PPG Celestial Blue

    PPG’s Celestial Blue is slightly deeper than your primary shade of blue, giving it a richness and coziness that's perfect for a guest bedroom.

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  4. Northern Sky - KILZ

    Northern Sky - KILZ

    Northern Sky is described as a “cool, subtle ice blue.” You can use this simple shade as the backdrop for a colorful quilt, or let it set the stage for a show-stealing ceiling.

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  5. Blueprint - Behr

    Behr Blueprint

    Behr’s 2019 Color of the Year falls in between denim and navy. A great pick for the bedroom, the warm, soft hue has timeless appeal so you won’t get sick of it anytime soon.

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  6. Aqua Smoke - PPG

    PPG Aqua Smoke

    A part of PPG’s Harmony collection, Aqua Smoke is a sophisticated green-blue—and a smart choice for a master bedroom or guest quarters. 

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  7. Sailfish - Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt And Lambert Sailfish

    This bright and modern blue, Sailfish, puts pep into any bedroom. A couple coats on the wall is all it takes to create a fun and vibrant backdrop for quirky home decor. 

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  8. Biscayne Blue - Glidden

    Glidden Biscayne Blue

    Looking to make your room feel bigger and brighter? Sure, you could paint the walls a bright white—or you could add a touch of color and personality with Biscayne Blue by Glidden. This barely-there aqua color brings light to the space without attracting too much attention or adding visual clutter. Just the thing to creating the illusion of an open, airy space. 

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  9. Slate Blue - Kelly-Moore Paints

    Kelly Moore Paints Slate Blue

    Simple and refined, Kelly-Moore’s Slate Blue is a calm and relaxing choice. A part of the Historic Lifestyles of the West collection, it embodies the western style of the late-19th and early-20th century.

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  10. Heron - Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt And Lambert Heron

    Heron, by Pratt and Lambert, is an “elegant midnight blue.” The deep shade is easily adaptable whether you’re looking for a funky and bold style or a calm and serene hideaway. 

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  11. Blue Marina - Glidden

    Glidden Blue Marina

    This cheerful blue is bright, but not so bold that’ll it disrupt your sleep. The mid-tone shade is a great pick for a kid or teen’s room because it is versatile enough to grow with them and their ever-evolving style. 

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  12. Victoria Blue - Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt And Lambert Victoria Blue

    A classic yet modern choice, this sultry blue envelopes the room with warm and welcoming vibes. 

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  13. Naval - Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin Williams Naval Blue

    Naval, Sherwin-Williams 2020 Color of the Year, is an approachable neutral for the bedroom. Pair it with white for a fresh and clean feel or add metallic accents for a calm and celestial environment. The beauty of this rich hue is that it is adaptable to suit your style. 

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