13 Small Living Room Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Using wall space to your advantage and swapping out decor that makes the room feel small can go a long way to opening up a tiny living room.

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Open Things Up

Small spaces deserve to be decorated and utilized as much as their roomier counterparts, but outfitting them in a way that doesn’t feel cluttered can be challenging. The living room is the hub of the home, and where we go for relaxation and entertainment. These small living room ideas will show you how to utilize your limited space wisely—and how a few easy changes can make your room look both cozy and more spacious.

Paint the Baseboards

An easy way to freshen up any space is to paint the baseboards. Especially in a small living area, a fresh coat of paint can make a bold statement and draw the eye to the far edges of the room.

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Create Space Using Mirrors

Small space ideas that make a big difference include utilizing mirrors. A mirror’s reflection tricks the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is. Plus, using mirrors of different sizes, shapes or frame styles allows you to infuse the space with your personal style.

Replace Curtains with Blinds

The less clutter there is in a room, the larger the room will appear. While curtains add warmth, they can also close off a space. Blinds are ideal for letting the natural light in while keeping the walls and floors clear.

Up the Storage Potential

One of the best small living room ideas, or rules, we’ve heard is that everything should have its place. Think vertically when it comes to storing and displaying items. This reclaimed barnwood ladder bookshelf combines function and style.

Swap a Large Sofa for a Loveseat

If your small living room can only accommodate a few people, don’t overdo the seating. Swap out a large sofa or sectional, which will close off a room, for a loveseat that doesn’t overwhelm your space.

Wall-Mount and Conceal a TV

A great tip for small living room ideas is to use wall space to your advantage. Mounting a TV eliminates the need for a media center or console. Add style to the space by artfully concealing the TV, such as with this pull-down map.

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Make Your Own Media Center

If a media center is part of your vision for a warm, stylish living room, consider one in a slim design. Room&Board’s sleek Slim console is ideal for those looking for small living room ideas that they can assemble themselves.

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Hang Baskets to Provide Extra Wall Storage

Baskets add a soft, natural vibe to any space. For small living room ideas, utilize open wall space to display baskets that double as extra storage.

Add Storage Near the Ceiling

Vertical space is a small living room’s biggest asset! Wall space above our line of sight is often far underutilized. Adding storage near the ceiling will fix that. Inspiration for small living room ideas includes this innovative clothing rack.

Choose Light Paint Colors for the Walls

Much like blinds and mirrors, decorating with light colors creates an airy appearance. Opt for a breezy hue on the walls for a living room with an open-air feeling.

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Glam it Up with Gold Decor

Since there isn’t a lot of room to work with, being intentional with decor in small spaces is a very important strategy. Gold accent pieces, like this geometric, three-piece wall art set, are glamorous and make a bold statement.

Opt for Modern Style

Most modern furniture is low-profile and slim, and therefore ideal for small living rooms. Decorate with modern pieces of furniture in light colors to open up the room.

Hang Art

Displaying artwork on the wall will both utilize vertical space and add personal style to your living room. Go for something that offers an uplifting, airy vibe such as this floral wall art.