14 Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Backyard

Make the most of long summer nights with the right kind of lighting for your outdoor space.

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  1. Lighting the Way

    Progresslighting mission landscape lighting

    You can illuminate a garden walkway, deck, or patio to dramatic effect using a variety of landscape lighting options. Here, Mission-inspired lanterns on post mounts cast a soft glow over the adjacent stone path.


  2. Off the Wall

    Bellacor minkalavery sageridge darkskycompliant

    With an LED bulb concealed under its dome, this fixture's beautiful scrollwork detailing remains unobstructed, and its beauty is further enhanced by a vintage rust finish.  


  3. Incognito


    Bring a bit of nature-inspired whimsy and charm into your garden or patio area with cattail garden accent lights.


  4. Radiax Smart


    Kichler’s new LED accent lighting with Radiax technology allows you to focus light more precisely, resulting in fewer lumens per watt. That translates into better efficiency and less light pollution. Win-win!


  5. Sun Bricks


    These solar-powered LED lights come in the form of flush-to-the-ground patio pavers—a great option for illuminating pathways. Plus, they don’t add to your electric bill!


  6. Tricked Out Trees

    Illuminated trees poolside outdooraccentslighting

    Illuminating landscape features creates an atmosphere that will make you want to live outdoors! Simple uplighting can highlight your trees without detracting from the beauty of the cool, dark night.


  7. The Tiki Torch

    Tiki torch

    If you want to go low-tech, tiki torches can add a tropical party mood to your patio space. They are generally inexpensive and easy to move from place to place, making a lovely and casual addition to any outdoor area!


  8. Starry Nights

    Starry string lights amber restorationhardware

    Create your own starry nights with miniature LED string lights attached to bendable wire. They are perfectly suited to being wrapped around tree branches and railings for a dreamy design.


  9. Japanese Lanterns

    Japanese lanterns outdoor lighting arcadianlighting

    Lighting is also about creating a mood. A series of solar-powered Japanese paper lanterns suspended from the trees gives warmth to the patio beneath.


  10. "Halley's" Comet

    Vibia halley lamp led homedesigndecorating

    Create a glowing ambiance anywhere in your backyard with this arcing LED lighting creation from Vibia—now that's illuminating!


  11. Outdoor Lamp


    This beautiful standing lamp is designed specifically for outdoor use. It can be inclined at any angle, and uses a 25 watt bulb. It’s the perfect lighting to read or eat by on a balmy summer evening.


  12. Glowing Orbs


    Set your garden aglow with these super simple orbs. Just insert a string of christmas lights into the globe of an old light fixture. You’ll create nearly instant atmosphere.


  13. Zig Zagging String Lights


    Create a romantic canopy of light by stretching large-bulbed string lights over any outdoor space. It will gently illuminate the area and foster whimsy and cheer throughout the night.


  14. Rope Light Signage


    Typography is in vogue. Take the trend outdoors by creating lettered decor with rope lights. It’s a lighting project that will take less than an hour to accomplish, but will have a lasting effect on the mood of your space.


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