21 Money-Saving Tricks That Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Putting a dent in your home improvement to-do list can often put an even bigger dent in your wallet. But these 21 humble DIY projects reduce, reuse, and reimagine what’s already under your roof to yield big results—and even bigger savings.

  1. Paste Pal

    Roll Up Your Toothpaste with a Pencil

    Good for more than scribbling the day's to-do list, a short pencil can also help you draw out the last drop of toothpaste from the tube. Starting at the end, wrap the mostly empty tube around the pencil, then roll the pencil up until you extract the tube's contents—and extend your budget!

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    Instructables via Paige Russell

  2. Sponge Split

    Cut Your Sponges in Half

    Sponges soak up everything in their path, including the funds required for frequent replacement. Fortunately for the budget-conscious, half a sponge packs as much grime-fighting ability as a whole sponge. So, you can get twice the utility out of one sponge by cutting it into two pieces.

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    Instructables via Culturespy

  3. Stay Afloat

    Fix a Low Toilet Fill Level

    Unless you own a dual-flush toilet, you're probably dumping way too much water down the drain with each flush, which in turn raises your water bill. Flush smarter by adding a brick or full plastic water bottle to the toilet tank. The extra bulk will raise the tank's float arm faster, which means you'll need less water to fill the tank.

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  4. The Razor's Edge

    Extend the Life of Your Razors with a Leather Belt

    Before you dispose of disposable razors, try sharpening them with an adaptable accessory already in your wardrobe: a leather belt. The particulate grit on the underside of a belt acts as a strop, refining the dull edges of the blade until it is as sharp as ever and ready for many more shaves.

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    Youtube via The Grommet

  5. Cleaner Coils

    Vacuum Refrigerator Coils

    Grit and gunk that collect on your refrigerator’s condenser coils can put the hardworking appliance into overdrive—and this can lead to sky-high energy bills. Using a vacuum cleaner with a crevice-friendly attachment, banish unsightly accumulations from the coils for improved energy efficiency.

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    Youtube via eReplacementParts.com

  6. Hosed Down

    Make a DIY Duster with Old Pantyhose or Tights

    Just as hosiery brings polish to an outfit, it can add luster to surfaces around the house. Slip old, outworn tights or pantyhose onto your hand like a glove, and then buff dusty lamps, dingy furniture, and other accessories to achieve polished perfection—no commercial cleaners required!

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    Instructables via Carleyy

  7. H2-Whoa!

    Upcycle a Plastic Bottle to Save Water in the Garden

    When water is at a premium, save your wallet and the environment by DIYing this slow-drip watering device for your garden bed. Constructed from a perforated water bottle filled with absorbent socks or strips of denim, the device can be planted next to young seedlings to continuously hydrate growing roots.

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    Instructables via Kiteman

  8. Running on Empty

    Fill Up a Half-Full Fridge with Empty Milk Jugs

    Don't cry over spilled milk! Instead, put that empty container to good use. Empty milk containers or other large bottles placed in a half-full fridge can help increase cold air circulation and reduce your electric bill. Those frosty empty jugs keep the surrounding items cold, maintaining a low average fridge temperature—and a lower utility bill.

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    Flickr via michaelgoodin

  9. Mesh Well

    Make a Pot Scrubber with an Onion Bag

    The flexible mesh bags that commonly house store-bought onions and potatoes can be given a second life in the kitchen as pot scrubbers. Start by cutting and folding the bag into the desired dimensions, then use a yarn needle to stitch the edges closed with rug yarn. That's it! You're ready to take your new scrubber to the sink and start cutting through grease!

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    Instructables via lgooms

  10. Clean Sheet


    Single-use commercial dryer sheets can make laundry day more luxurious and fresher scented, but who needs them when you can make your own! To create an all-natural equivalent, dip clean, cut-up rags into a solution of vinegar and essential oils. The sheets can be stored in an airtight container until needed and then reused for countless spin cycles.

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  11. Keep Your Cool

    Save Money in Summer with a DIY Air Conditioner

    Skip the AC (and the AC bills) this summer by creating your own DIY air conditioner. Consisting of an old fan placed atop a bucket that holds a natural cooling source—frozen water—this quick hack will help you stay cool and comfortable as you soak up summer. 

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    eHow.com via Debbie Williams

  12. Recycled Regimen

    Recycle Scraps into New Bar Soap

    If you’re down to the last few shards of that bar of soap, don’t replace it. Instead, reconstitute the soap slivers into a like-new beauty bar! Start by melting the soap scraps over the stove. Then, pour the mixture into soap bar molds, letting the bars dry before you lather up.

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    Instructables via Castile_Soap

  13. Stylish Stowaways

    Reuse Glass Jars to Organize Your Workshop

    In lieu of buying expensive organizing solutions to declutter your workshop, let mason jars or other glass containers take on the job. Rinsed, dried, decorated, and filled with fasteners or tool bits, these easy-to-come-by vessels become storage-smart accents suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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  14. Canned Response

    Boost Your Wi-Fi with a Soda Can

    A can of soda offers more than just a sugar boost. It can also boost a weak Wi-Fi signal, and as a result, your Internet speed. Cut off the bottom of the can, then slice off the lid, leaving an inch or so connected to the can. Cut and unfurl the can, slip the mouth of the lid over your router’s antenna, and again enjoy buffer-free streaming sessions—all without having to buy an expensive name-brand signal booster.

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  15. Looking Sharp

    Upcycle a Planter to Store and Sharpen Garden Tools

    If your tools aren’t the sharpest in the shed, skip the trip to the knife sharpener and consider storing them in this specially outfitted repurposed planter instead. When painted, sealed, and tightly packed with sand and mineral oil, a commonplace terra-cotta pot can help keep your gardening gear clean and the blades sharp, all at the same time.

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  16. Right as Rain

    Install a Rain Barrel for Free Water

    Why consume extra water to hydrate your homegrown plants when you can capture and reuse your roof and gutter runoff with a rain barrel? Installed below the eaves for optimal water collection, a bargain barrel can reduce your next water bill and help you pep up your plants.

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    Flickr via simplybike

  17. Weed Out Weeds

    Keep Overgrown Weeds and Plants Away from Your HVAC Unit

    Lush foliage is a pleasant surprise anywhere but near your HVAC unit, where it can cause the system to run less efficiently. Maintain proper airflow and reduce electrical consumption by plucking weeds and pruning bushes in the immediate vicinity of the unit.

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  18. The Final Curtain

    Trim Your Shower Curtain Liner to Prevent Mold and Mildew

    When your shower curtain liner has become mired in mold and mildew, replacing it is sometimes easier than cleaning it. But if you keep an eye out for early signs of these unsightly intruders, you can keep the curtain looking good longer. When you spot the first bit of buildup, trim the bottom of the curtain with scissors to keep grime from encroaching any further.

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  19. High-End Fashion

    Ditch Your Dryer and Hang Up a Clothesline

    Few can resist the warmth and fragrance of garments fresh out of the dryer, but that experience becomes somewhat less appealing when you think about all the energy it takes to machine dry. A homemade rope clothesline dries just as well, and using one will not only save you money on your electric bill, but it can also lengthen the life of your threads.

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  20. Fair-Weather Fan

    Run Your Ceiling Fan Counterclockwise in Summer for Energy Savings

    Before you turn up the dial on the air conditioner—and pay the price later—consider installing a ceiling fan. A fan not only allows for greater comfort and energy savings in the hot summer months, but if you go the extra mile of switching it to run clockwise when the weather gets cold, the fan can help warm up the room come winter. 

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  21. Home Free

    Pick Up Free Mulch from Your Town

    For a freshly manicured lawn on the cheap, don’t call your local landscaper—call your local parks department. You may be able to obtain mulch and compost from them at no cost, allowing you to beautify your front yard for the bargain price of—nothing.

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