30 Days of Easy Summer DIY

This month, return daily to see what new, simple, do-it-yourself project to tackle this summer.

  1. Make a Kite

    Make a Kite

    There's nothing more fun for a child than learning how to fly a kite. But you can make the activity more fun—and rewarding—by engaging your kids in some kite-making fun this summer. See how in this How To: Make a Kite tutorial.


  2. Care for Your Grill

    Care for Your Grill

    Follow these simple steps to keep your grill in tip-top performance shape for the summer in How To: Care for Your Grill


  3. Make a Sandbox

    Make a Sandbox

    Few DIY projects are as easy to complete—or as much fun—as a backyard sandbox. Follow our simple How To: Make a Sandbox and create your own version of the one shown here.


  4. Stencil a Floor

    Stencil a Floor

    The blogger at Plum Pretty Decor and Design Co. surprised herself by upgrading her bathroom floor for a mere $80. Read more about her and other floor painting projects at The Best Painted Tile Floors on the Internet .


  5. Mow Your Lawn

    Mow Your Lawn

    When it comes to your landscape, one of the most time-consuming summer chores is mowing the lawn. But mowing can be one of the most effective ways of maintaining healthy turf. Learn more in How To: Mow Your Lawn Properly


  6. Tile a Backsplash

    Tile a Backsplash

    Looking to liven up a dreary kitchen? Consider re-tiling the backsplash—and doing the job yourself. It's easier than you think, especially when you follow the step-by-step in our How To: Tile a Backsplash


  7. Make a Birdhouse

    Make a Birdhouse

    The homemade birdhouse is a DIY classic. And for good reason: it's easy and inexpensive to make and a great project for the whole family. Make one this summer by following our lead in How To: Make a Birdhouse


  8. Lay a Stone Path

    Lay a Stone Path

    Create a simple stone path this summer to enhance your landscape and set a distinctive walkway. It is not only easier to create than a full-blown walkway, it lends charm and practicality to your yard. Install one this weekend with our How To: Lay a Stone Path


  9. Care for Roses

    Care for Roses

    Beautiful and desirable, roses need special care to reach their full potential. Follow the simple guidelines in our How To: Care for Roses to get the most out of your blooms this summer.


  10. Make a Campfire

    Make a Campfire

    Whether you're camping or roasting marshmallows in the backyard, there is an art to building a good campfire. We went to the master—Smokey the Bear—to assemble the steps in our How To: Make a Campfire


  11. Install a Ceiling Fan

    Install a Ceiling Fan

    Installing a ceiling fan is an easy DIY project, provided you follow manufacturer instructions. Add some welcome relief to any room this summer by following our easy How To: Install a Ceiling Fan step-by-step.


  12. Make Garden Luminaries

    Make Garden Luminaries

    Add a decorative glow to the tabletop or garden with easy-to-make luminaries. Transform a vintage sap bucket—or even an over-sized coffee can—into a radiant accent with our How To: Make Garden Luminaries


  13. Make a Window Box

    Make a Window Box

    A window box can add enormous curb appeal to a house and provide a garden opportunity for even city dwellers. And they are easy to make.  Just follow this simple summer DIY tutorial to deck your sills with beautiful summer blooms this weekend with our How To: Make a Window Box


  14. Make an Outdoor Shower

    Make an Outdoor Shower

    Whether you're looking to cool off, rinse off, or take the everyday bathing routine elsewhere, installing an outdoor shower can breathe new life into your outdoor space, and is easier than you think. Just follow our easy DIY instructions in How To: Make an Outdoor Shower


  15. Grill Like the Pros

    Grill Like the Pros

    Grilling is a great way to prepare meals the family will love while making the most of great summer weather. Learn how to revamp your grilling routine with tips from the experts in our tutorial How To: Grill Like the Pros


  16. Seal a Driveway

    Seal a Driveway

    Sealing your driveway is a great way to update the curb appeal of your home while preventing unsightly and expensive damage. With a few tools and a day's work, you can easily DIY by following the simple directions in How To: Seal a Driveway


  17. Replace an Outdoor Wall Sconce

    Replace an Outdoor Wall Sconce

    Updating your outdoor lighting is one of the easiest ways to renovate the front entrance to your home. Skip the electrician and learn how to install new outdoor wall sconces with our simple guide in How To: Replace an Outdoor Wall Sconce


  18. Make a Terrarium

    Make a Terrarium

    A terrarium is a great way to inexpensively bring the verdant lushness of the outdoors into your home. Filled with succulents, moss, or grasses, we give you the ins-and-outs of creating your own miniature landscape in How To: Make a Terrarium


  19. Refinish a Wood Table

    Refinish a Wood Table

    Old but well-constructed tables are worth the muscle of stripping and refinishing. Although the process can seem daunting, we break it down into simple steps for you in How To: Refinish a Wood Table


  20. Stain a Wood Deck

    Stain a Wood Deck

    Your deck, like your home, looks better when it is properly maintained. If yours is starting to show signs of weathering, staining it every few years can help keep it looking fresh. It's easy and worth it, just follow our lead in How To: Stain a Wood Deck


  21. Decorate Clay Pots

    Decorate Clay Pots

    Looking for something to do with all of those clay pots that have been collecting dust in your garage or garden shed? Follow our guide to bring a low budget, fresh new look to your garden or porch in How To: Decorate Garden Pots


  22. Make a Kid's Teepee


    A basic teepee is not hard to make, provided you keep it simple. Have an afternoon of fun creating a new play space with your kids in How To: Make a Kid's Teepee


  23. Make a Rain Barrel

    Make a Rain Barrel

    Rainwater collection has an ancient history with archeological evidence dating back at least 4,000 years. Create an eco-friendly watering mechanism and garden ornament in How To: Make a Rain Barrel


  24. Make a Tire Swing

    Make a Tire Swing

    Sometimes the simplest things can bring the greatest summer time pleasures. Follow this simple, and hilarious, guide to build a childhood standard that your kids can enjoy for years to come in How To: Make a Tire Swing


  25. Plant a Vegetable Garden

    Plant a Vegetable Garden

    Planting a vegetable garden doesn't have to be complicated and can even be a wonderful learning adventure for the whole family. Follow our guide for a simple DIY project that will yield delicious results in How To: Plant a Vegetable Garden


  26. Replace a Window Screen

    Replace a Window Screen

    Ripped and worn screens are both ineffective at keeping out insects and unattractive. Let us show you how to replace your old window screens using our simple, low cost guide in How To: Replace a Window Screen


  27. Dye Concrete Floors

    Dye Concrete Floors

    Tinting your drab concrete floor is a great way to enhance a room without the use of chemical stains, and because the dye dries quickly, your floor can be dyed and resealed in one day. Follow our easy step by step guide in How To: Dye Concrete Floors

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  28. Have a Yard Sale

    Have a Yard Sale

    Plan a summer sale by following our simple outline, designed to keep stress low and sales high, in How To: Have a Yard Sale.


  29. Care for Garden Tools

    Care for Garden Tools

    There's more to gardening than tending to weeds and plants, it also requires proper tool maintenance and care. Learn how to keep your tools in peak condition in How To: Care for Garden Tools


  30. Install Landscape Edging

    Install Landscape Edging

    You can add a decorative border to your garden or landscape easily with today's crop of DIY-friendly landscape edgers. Learn to curb your garden's enthusiasm in How To: Install Landscape Edging


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