30 Easy Painted Pumpkins to Perk Up Your Halloween

Feeling festive but don't want to deal with the mess of carving pumpkins? Then these painted pumpkins, from striped to marbled, will help you get in the Halloween mood.

  1. Clean Lines

    Paint Dipped Pumpkins

    You can achieve this rich color by priming your pumpkins first. Don't forget to tape all the way around to end up with a clean line where paint ends and pumpkin begins. 


  2. Marble Pumpkin

    Marbled Pumpkin

    Fill a bucket (one you don't mind getting a little paint on) with water. Then pour in the contents of three bottles of nail polish. With a stick or skewer, swirl around the paint, which is now floating at the top of the water, to make a design. Dip your pumpkin in sideways and submerge it. While holding it underwater with one hand, use the other to soak up the rest of the nail polish with a paper towel. Remove the pumpkin from the now clean water, let dry, and there you have it! 

    Aunt Peaches

  3. Ombre

    Ombre Pumpkins

    Pick a few complementary colors and slowly blend them into each other with a sponge—et voilà—a beautiful pumpkin for Halloween... or any time of year!

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  4. Caulk It

    Design Pumpkin

    Is regular paint too two-dimensional for you? Use caulk to put a 3-D design on the gourd of your choice. Once the caulk dries, spray-paint for a unique pumpkin that looks professionally decorated!

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  5. Superheroes

    Superhero Pumpkin

    Some pumpkins scare, some pumpkins make you smile, but these pumpkins are here to save the day! A little paint and a lot of love are required to transform an orange squash into a crime-fighting superhero.


  6. Chalkboard Wordsearch

    Chalkboard Pumpkin

    There are chalkboard pumpkins.... and then there are chalkboard WORDSEARCH pumpkins. This gourd is not only interactive — it's a game! Paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint, and then once it dries, either paint letters or place letter stickers in a grid, hiding festive words along the way!

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  7. Pretty, Pretty Princess

    Princess Pumpkin

    Need a pumpkin for your pretty princess? Find a few heirloom variety pumpkins with deep ridges that look almost like the pleats of an elegant gown! Paint them and dress them up with pearls, sequins, jewels—whatever your little empress decrees!

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  8. Angry Birds

    Angry Bird Pumpkins

    But please—don't throw them at your neighbors' houses.


  9. Circus Tent Pumpkins

    Colored Pumpkins

    Alternating stripes of white paint and a bright color will turn your mini pumpkins into mini circus tents! All you're missing is the lion tamer and clowns. You'll have to find those on your own.


  10. Starry Night

    Starry Night Pumpkin

    Did someone steal a Van Gogh from the museum?! No—that's just a great rendition of his masterpiece, Starry Night, on a Halloween pumpkin. 


  11. State Pumpkin

    State Pumpkin

    Use your pumpkin to show a little state pride! Paint the entire vegetable one color, and once it dries, use a stencil to paint the outline of the best state in the country (that decision is up to you)! Feel free to add a little star or heart where your home town would be!


  12. Despicable Pumpkins

    Minion Pumpkins

    These pumpkins are despicable...Despicable Me! Painted yellow and blue with the addition of goggles made out of mason jar lids, these pumpkins are near-perfect re-creations of the popular minions from Despicable Me! Buying pumpkins of different sizes and heights enhances the effect!


  13. Calming Blue

    Blue Pumpkin

    Sometimes simplicity yields the best result. This mini pumpkin looks beautiful and serene in its new coat of milk paint, the kind of accent that will work all season long.

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  14. Edgy Pumpkins

    Edgy Pumpkin

    After painting your pumpkin, try adding a little edge with rhinestones or sequins. Your pumpkins will be cool enough to go to an underground indie band concert in Brooklyn...or just adorn your cool porch.


  15. Faux Bois

    Faux Bois Pumpkin

    Paint your pumpkins one color and then let dry. Start the faux wood grain by first placing your "knots." Then begin drawing lines from top to bottom, following the shape of the knots for an authentic faux bois pattern.

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  16. Painted Leaves

    Painted Leaves

    Paint your pumpkin one color and a batch of leaves another. Then, begin layering your leaves around the pumpkin, gluing as you go, starting with the highest layer and moving down. There you go! Painted and perfect.


  17. Candy Corn Pumpkin

    Candy Corn Pumpkin

    There's more to Halloween than jack-o'-lanterns. Dress up your pumpkins in the second-most festive Halloween icon—candy corn! With only three colors of paint—yellow, orange, and white—your festive pumpkins will get the extra-special festive treatment.


  18. Which Way Is Up?

    Arrow Pumpkin

    Up, down, left, right—where are you headed? This pumpkin can't really answer the question, but with a few painted arrows, it will certainly stand out from the crowd.


  19. Hop on Pop

    Funny Pumpkins

    Some kids love hide-and-seek, others always choose freeze tag, while some kids have a particular penchant for "C'MON LET'S JUMP ON DAD!" Give the father in your family someone he can relate to with these simple Hop on Pop pumpkins. They just take a little paint for the faces, pieces of yarn for the hair, and a hat to top it off!


  20. Chevron

    Chevron Pumpkins

    Chevron has been a major trend in interior design for the past few years, and it's not going anywhere. So why not extend it to your seasonal decor as well? With a little painter's tape to create clean lines, your pumpkins can be trendy too!

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  21. Grumpy Cat

    Grumpy Cat Pumpkin

    Grumpy Cat is the world's grumpiest cat. And now you have the world's grumpiest pumpkin.

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  22. Assorted

    Paint Pumpkins

    Why stick to just one type of painted pumpkin? Go chalkboard, striped, faux-bois, or any of the types we've already mentioned! Go Halloween crazy!


  23. Think Pink

    Pink Pumpkins

    A group of pumpkins painted different shades of the same hue lends a very cohesive and classy look to your porch, without the mess of any carving!


  24. Polka Dot

    Polka Dot Pumpkin

    Paint a dot. Paint another dot. Paint a third dot. Let dry. Layer another dot on top. Repeat... until you never want to paint dots again!

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  25. Happy Halloween

    Message Pumpkin

    Use your pumpkin to pen a message to everyone who arrives — "Happy Halloween" or "Boo" are standard fare, though some might want to use the space for more useful information: "The bathroom is the third door on the left," for example.

    BalzerDesigns.type pad.com

  26. Herringbone Pumpkin

    Herringbone Pumpkin

    This pumpkin is so simple, we don't know why everyone doesn't try it! Paint your pumpkin a lighter color, and then accent it with a herringbone pattern in a contrasting color. Classy!

    Nikkisnacs.blog spot.com

  27. Piece-of-Cake Pumpkins

    Birthday Cake Pumpkin

    Serve up this delicious piece of décor at your next fall birthday bash. Painted pumpkins of three different sizes hot-glued into a stack and topped with colored adhesive “sprinkles” make this DIY treat look good enough to eat. All that’s left to do is hot-glue on a candle—and blow it out!

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  28. Beaded Beauty

    Puffy Paint Pumpkin

    Puffy paint is the hero of this faux-beaded pumpkin. Apply small dots of the no-fuss fabric paint in rows on each face of a painted heirloom-variety pumpkin to evoke the beaded effect. Try alternating paint colors with each dot to attract the eye and boost the beauty.

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  29. Mint Condition

    Mint Green Pumpkin

    These no-carve mint-green gourds are as fresh as a summer’s day, but you can make them this fall in minutes. Coat the bottoms in mint-green chalkboard paint followed by a true green for the stems. Finally, go for gold—the gold foil paint pen, that is—to adorn the top of the pumpkins in metallic flecks that shimmer in the light.

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  30. Mud Cloth Makeover

    Mud Cloth Pumpkin

    Dress up your home with the fabric traditions of Africa through these mud cloth-inspired pumpkins. With chalkboard paint and oil-based paint pens, you can create a tailor-made masterpiece without any sewing required.

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