The Best Can Crushers for Your Recyclables

Save space in your recycling bin and have fun doing it with one of these easy-to-use can crushers.

By Kristen Mosier | Updated Jan 4, 2021 3:43 PM

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Best Can Crusher


If you go through a lot of aluminum cans in your home or you entertain a lot, you may want to consider a can crusher. This handy kitchen item can significantly reduce the amount of space an aluminum can takes up in your recycling bin.

Can crushers offer a fun way for family members to recycle, which is important, since close to 180 billion aluminum cans were consumed worldwide this year. Recycling aluminum cans also saves energy. For instance, recycling a single aluminum can uses less than 5 percent of the energy used to make a new one—enough energy to power a TV for 2 hours.

The most common type of can crusher compacts one can at a time, but multi-can versions are available as well. There are manual and automatic models to choose from, and some options come with storage, meaning less trips to the recycling bin. Regardless of the type, the best can crusher will significantly reduce the size of aluminum cans for efficient recycling.

Our Top Picks

When shopping for a can crusher, look for options that are straightforward and will mount easily in the kitchen, garage, basement, or another space you intend to install it. Consider the following sturdy and high quality can crushers.

Best Overall

Best Can Crusher McKay

This can crusher from McKay is designed to compact all standard 12-ounce aluminum cans. Made with an all-steel construction, this crusher is sturdy and powerful, featuring thick steel arms and a reinforced upper plate. To operate, simply pull down the handle while the steel plate crushes the cans. A large, cushioned grip makes it comfortable to operate, and a built-in bottle opener is an added bonus.

The hardware is included so you can mount the 12.6-inch long device to any solid surface, including walls and tables. It is not recommended for freestanding operation. Available in four colors, choose one to match your interior or personal preference. If you need to crush larger cans, McKay offers another version that accommodates 16-ounce cans.


Best Can Crusher Pacific

This aluminum can crusher from Basic Industries is durable and effective due to its all-steel construction. The ability to crush 12- or 16-ounce cans adds convenience and versatility. An easy-to-grab handle allows for a one-step operation by pulling down the lever to crush the inserted can.

The Crusher measures 16.75 inches long and hangs on the wall in your kitchen, garage, or other space with the included mounting hardware. This can crusher is available in a white finish.

Best Bang For The Buck

Best Can Crusher RamPro

With a one-hand operation, this inexpensive can crusher from Ram-Pro offers a soft-grip, pull-down handle to easily compress 12-ounce aluminum cans to approximately 20 percent of their original size. At just over 12 inches in length, it is mountable on walls and tables where you keep your recycling.

Mounting screws are included for a vertical installation onto wall studs. The Ram-Pro features a neutral black and gray design. The included bottle opener is a convenient bonus, and the heavy 16-gauge, all-steel construction is built to last.

Best For Safe Crushing

Best Can Crusher Dial

This can crusher from Dial Industries boasts the ability to turn four bags of uncrushed 12-ounce cans into just one bag. It includes an auto-ejection feature that automatically dispenses cans, so you can avoid handling sharp and sticky edges. A rotating handgrip makes it comfortable to use, and an anti-pinch protector keeps fingers safe.

This black can crusher measures 19.8 inches in length and is simple to mount to the wall with the included hardware. A removable collection bin is also available from Dial Industries.

Best Multi-Can

Best Can Crusher M92

Made for 12-ounce cans, the one-handed operation of this model crushes one can at a time with the pull of the lever. The built-in basket stores 10 cans at once, and an automatic ejector makes it easy to release the crushed cans right into the recycling bin.

Mount this 23.2-inch long can crusher onto the wall with the included hardware. Though the blade is stainless steel, the body is made of aluminum, lending a less heavy-duty construction to this crusher compared to the steel options on this list.

Best Automatic

Best Can Crusher Aluminium

This 12-ounce aluminum can crusher from At-Tec easily crushes most cans to about 1-inch thick with a simple automatic operation fueled by an air compressor (not included). Once it is mounted and hooked up to an air hose, the crusher is simple to operate by simply pressing the button connected to the valve.

A safety mechanical valve helps to avoid improper operation. The 14.7-inch long unit features an all-steel frame and piston for a solid and durable construction. Because of its automatic operation, this model comes with a higher price tag compared to the others on this list.