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6 Low-Cost Lifesavers to Make Wall Repair a Cinch

Walls take a beating. Overzealous furniture movers, rowdy kids, and constant doorknob bangs can leave dents, cracks, and holes that mar your walls' once-smooth surfaces. But with the right tools and techniques, most drywall dings can be repaired without calling in the pros. HYDE Tools offers six indispensable DIY wall-patching products to help you restore damaged walls to their original beauty all on your own. Click through to discover the inexpensive implements all handy homeowners should have in their wall-repair kit. This post has been brought to you by Hyde Tools. Its facts and opinions are those of
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Drywall Repair Clips for Quick Replacements

The traditional way to repair holes in drywall involves removing a section of the panel that reaches all the way to a stud before cutting and installing a new piece. That approach is, however, time-consuming. It also often entails cutting a larger patch than is strictly necessary and requires some serious drywall installation skills. With Hyde’s Bear Claw™ Drywall Repair Clips, you can easily replace a small section of drywall without the hassle. Available for use with ½-inch or 5/8-inch drywall, these one-hour fire-rated clips hold the new piece securely so you can quickly tape and sand. Available from HYDE; $4.69 for ½-inch or $5.02 for 5/8-inch.

An Easier Way to Patch Holes

It just isn’t worth fussing around with tape, drywall compound, and putty knives to repair small holes and cracks when there’s a simpler method: Hyde’s Wet & Set® 30-Minute Repair Patch lets you fix holes less than three inches in diameter quickly and painlessly. Just cut a section of the pretreated patch-repair cloth from the 5-inch-by-9-foot contractor’s roll, moisten with water, and smooth on. When dry, apply a quick coat of spackling compound, sand lightly, and paint for a perfect blend with your existing wall. Available from HYDE at The Home Depot; $7.97.

The Secret to Successful Seam Repair

Before repairing cracks and seams, you first typically need to remove old caulking, crumbling grout, and debris—and sometimes even widen thin cracks—for a better bond. Small but formidable, Hyde’s 6-inch Crack Opener features a hardwood handle and a tough carbon steel blade to withstand years of use. For the best results, after using the Crack Opener, vacuum away loosened debris before recaulking or filling in cracks. Available from HYDE; $8.74

A 2-in-1 Tool for Patching Cracks

Why lug around two tools for a repair job when Hyde’s Crack Patcher does double duty? The flat squared end of this ingenious little gadget is perfect for applying spackle or putty to small holes and wiping away the excess, while the pointed end both smooths the ragged edges of plaster cracks and helps define sharp inside drywall corners. Lightweight and durable, the Crack Patcher will become a trusted tool in your kit. Available from HYDE; $4.36.

A Joint Knife that's a Cut Above the Rest

There’s no trick to taping drywall—it’s all about practice, patience, and the right tools. Hyde’s 4-inch SuperFlexx™ Stainless Steel Joint Knife is one of those tools that you’ll want to keep close at hand for the task, both sturdy enough to scoop up compound and small enough to create crisp creases in taped corners. With its flexible, rustproof blade, the SuperFlexx knife will become a favorite in your wall-repair arsenal. Available from HYDE; $10.67.

The Dust-Free Way to Sand

Any drywall contractor will tell you that the worst part about sanding drywall is the dust left in the project’s wake. Those tiny particulates infiltrate anything unlucky enough to be in close proximity, including your lungs. Fortunately, Hyde’s Dust-Free Vacuum Hand Sander Kit can save you from all that—just attach the six-foot hose to any standard wet/dry vacuum to hoover up most of the mess as you go. Its sanding base comes equipped with EasyClamp technology for quick screen changes, and the vacuum features an ergonomic handle so your wrist won’t give out before you finish up. Available from HYDE; $28.49.