7 "Delicious" Renovation Tips from HGTV's Kitchen Cousins

For kitchen design and renovation wisdom, the buck stops with HGTV's "Kitchen Cousins."

Kitchen Cousins

Remodeling Tips

Jersey-based remodeling duo Anthony Carrino (left) and John Colaneri, of HGTV's Kitchen Cousins, know more than most how daunting a kitchen makeover can be. Anthony explains, "There is an order of operations, and planning is absolutely paramount to having a successful renovation." Here, the cousins share some tips, tricks, and advice on how to get the most out of a remodel.

Kitchen Cousins


inspiration file

Figure out the basics of what you want to achieve. Keep an inspiration file of magazine tear sheets and design-blog printouts to share with your contractor. A small detail like this Moroccan tile can be a point of departure for a design project.

Kitchen Cousins



Understand the way an estimate works. The first estimate is based on everything the contractor can see. Once the walls are open, expect a minimum 10% contingency fee. Balance the budget by pairing luxury with practicality, like choosing reasonably priced cabinets while springing for granite countertops.

Kitchen Cousins



Splurge on the backsplash! The eye is drawn to it, making it a great area to step up the quality of materials. Here, a black grout is used to accentuate the modern geometric pattern of these Heath Ceramic tiles.

Kitchen Cousins

Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Hang pendants over a breakfast bar or island. They provide a lot of mood, shape, and light. And they don’t have to be expensive. (The Cousins are keen on recycled cardboard pendants from graypants.)

Kitchen Cousins

Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose Furniture

Invest in multipurpose furniture, such as a stainless steel table on casters that can be wheeled into position—as a prep station, dining table, etc.—as needed. A piece like this is especially useful in a small kitchen or rental apartment.



Redwood Countertop

Balance the new with the old, industrial, and organic. Juxtaposing grainy old lumber with industrial steel makes an open kitchen feel harmonious and inviting. This beautiful free-form wood slab is the ultimate in rustic luxury.

Kitchen Cousins

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