7 Fall Fix-Ups to Do for a Winter-Ready Home

After a long and hot summer, many homeowners are enjoying the cooler temperatures of autumn. While it may be a welcome relief, the chill in the air carries a sobering message: It's only a matter of time before winter storms in. Don't wait until the first frost to prepare your home and property for the worst weather of the year. Now is the time to check those last items off your to-do list, especially if the work involves such materials as concrete and mortar. Armed with rapid-setting, easy-to-use products from CTS Cement | Rapid Set, do-it-yourselfers can move briskly through their fall maintenance agendas, preparing their homes to stand firm through the ice, wind, and snow. For a sampling of the repair and maintenance jobs you may want to complete before fall fades away, click through right now!

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  1. Firm Foundation

    Firm Foundation

    Before you begin your fall maintenance routine, take a walk around the perimeter of your home, keeping a close eye on the condition of your foundation. Though you can probably ignore the faintest hairline imperfections, larger cracks permit pests of all kinds, not to mention wood-rotting, mold-causing moisture. That being the case, it's only prudent to patch any damaged areas—not next year, but now. With Rapid Set Mortar Mix, foundation repairs are quick and easy. Upon application, the lasting, durable product sets within 15 minutes and fully cures in only an hour.


  2. Like-New Floors

    Like-New Floors

    Whereas summer invites people outdoors, fall brings them back inside again. As you start spending more time indoors, you may begin to notice a slew of issues that escaped your attention during the warmer months. Remember: Some repairs are best handled sooner than later. For instance, if you want to spruce up a worse-for-wear garage floor, you must do so before temperatures plummet. Fortunately, worn, old, or spalled concrete are no match for Rapid Set NewCrete Concrete Resurfacer, which you simply apply over the existing weathered, stained surface, leaving the installation with a smooth, like-new appearance.


  3. Your Stucco Surface

    Your Stucco Surface

    Stucco has long been a popular choice, in part because of its durability. It's not uncommon, however, for stucco to succumb to weather and age, gradually developing cracks or gouges. If portions of your stucco exterior have become damaged, it's crucial to patch those areas as soon as possible. With Rapid Set Stucco Patch, the repaired area can closely match the texture of the surrounding area. Plus, within only two hours, you can paint the patched section to finish the job.


  4. Nice and Even Floors

    Nice and Even Floors

    Just as a backyard patio provides an extra "room" in summer, the basement offers extra square footage in winter. Before heading underground, though, consider installing a new floor to make the space look and feel more finished. Note that certain floor materials—solid wood, for example, or tile—require a perfectly level underlayment. To achieve that, use Rapid Set Concrete Leveler to fill in low spots and create a new, level surface. Assuming ideal conditions, you can be walking upon—or installing a new floor over—your freshly flat concrete surface within a matter of hours!


  5. Repairing Damaged Concrete

    Repairing Damaged Concrete

    Concrete driveways, walkways, patios, or steps—if any of these surfaces suffer from deep chips, wide cracks, or crumbling sections, those problems are only going to get worse over the winter. The bad news for procrastinators is if you let damaged concrete deteriorate to the point where it's not repairable, there's nothing to do but rip it out and start over. The good news is, you can fix almost any structural problem involving concrete quickly and completely with Rapid Set Cement All. Three times stronger than most concrete, Cement All sets faster too—in fact, it sets within a mere 15 minutes!


  6. Replace Old Stucco

    Replace Old Stucco

    It's no secret that drafts are uncomfortable. Less obvious is the fact that they're also costly, because they introduce inefficiency to home HVAC systems. By sealing around your doors and windows, you can de-draft your home, at once ensuring both a warmer environment and lower monthly energy bills. Caulking might do the trick, but if you have a stucco exterior with cracking or crumbling in sensitive areas, go a step further—replace the old stucco with durable, high-strength Rapid Set Stucco Mix. Engineered to minimize shrinkage, it defends against many of the failures that cause drafts in the first place.


  7. Rapid Repair of Walls

    Rapid Repair of Walls

    The summer came and went, but the unsightly hole in your wallboard remains. Before guests descend on your home for the holidays, why not fix the problem once and for all? Rapid Set One Pass, a mold-resistant wall repair material and joint compound, turns an otherwise laborious task into a painless, one-and-done affair. Similar products must be applied in thin layers, one after another, with time allowed for each layer to dry. That's not the case with One Pass. True to its name, the product goes on in a single application. You can then sand and paint it within 90 minutes, and forget the hole ever existed.


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    This content has been brought to you by CTS Cement. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila.com.


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