7 Projects Perfect for a Lazy Summer Day

Looking forward to a staycation, or a blissfully commitment-free Sunday? The backyard hammock or patio lounger may be calling your name. But if you want to add a sense of satisfaction to your rest and relaxation, these are some low-effort, high-impact projects to consider knocking out before calling it a day.

  1. Start Somewhere

    Start Somewhere

    You've got two goals for your free afternoon. First and foremost, you want to relax. Second, you'd like to get something done around the house. But today's not the day for any major undertakings. The good news? Many of the jobs you've been meaning to do are much easier than you feared. That's especially true if you're equipped with HYDE PivotPro. A powerhouse attachment for your garden hose, PivotPro makes it a cinch to cross things of your to-do list. Curious? Click through to find out what we mean.


  2. Savor the View

    Savor the View

    It happens every year: As the better weather of spring and summer invites us all to look outdoors, we suddenly realize how filthy our windows have gotten. Of course, it's not a welcome realization; most homeowners dread cleaning the windows. Perhaps that's because the chore often involves, among other hassles, the use of a ladder. This year, clean your windows the easy way. With PivotPro, you can give glass the bath it needs, all while remaining on solid ground. 

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  3. The Zen of Car Washing

    The Zen of Car Washing

    Washing your own car in your own driveway—it's an American tradition. It can also be, unexpectedly, therapeutic: Requiring little effort and next to no thought, the simple act of washing your car can be a great way to clear the mind. Plus, aficionados know that when you take matters into your own hands, you can achieve better results than what you'd pay for down at the service station. But hey, if you're going to do it, why not learn to do it the right way?

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  4. Facade Facelift

    Facade Facelift

    Maybe your home exterior needs a fresh coat of paint—or maybe it just needs a good cleaning! Simply spray down the siding, from bottom to top, with your PivotPro. Most of the time, water alone does the trick. Dealing with stubborn dirt? Load soap into the PivotPro, set the desired soap-to-water ratio, then point and shoot. For maximum cleaning power, swing the PivotPro brush into position, scrubbing the siding while spraying it down. It's that easy!

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  5. Refresh Your Deck

    Refresh Your Deck

    Winters put backyard decks to the test. Before hosting your first cookout of summer, set aside some time for restoring your deck to its former glory. Don't worry, this won't take long; PivotPro is uniquely suited to the task at hand. Thanks to the included spindle brush, you can easily get at all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. In addition, the brush hooks snugly around vertical deck components, making them effortless to clean. Deck maintenance? Done. 

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  6. Patio Furniture Prep

    Patio Furniture Prep

    Patio furniture spends the off-season in dusty storage only to face full exposure to the elements throughout spring and summer. Under those circumstances, it's no wonder your outdoor tables and chairs need some attention! Fortunately, it only takes minutes to undo months of grime. Soap em' up and scrub 'em down if necessary, but so long as you've got PivotPro, you can clean over, under, and around furniture surfaces without ever bending, stretching, or stooping.

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  7. Groom Your Garage

    Groom Your Garage

    Any day you leave the house is a day you glimpse the garage. So the question is: Do you like what you see? If you aren't loving how it looks, then now is the perfect opportunity to put a little—only a little—time and energy toward revitalizing its appearance. Whereas you might normally think of cleaning the garage exterior as an all-day, labor-intensive affair, PivotPro makes the job a snap. Think of it this way: By the time you start, you'll be halfway finished!

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  8. Driveway Renewal

    Driveway Renewal

    What's the easiest thing you can do to renew your worse-for-wear concrete driveway? Here's a hint: The effort requires only the multitasking PivotPro and a portion of your lazy day. Focus wherever you find oil or chemical stains. No mere eyesore, such corrosive residue can actually cause damage. Remove it with your PivotPro, combining the tool's powerful soap-infusing spray and bristle brush, not only to beautify your driveway, but also to preserve it.

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