8 Botanical-Themed Reddit Threads All Plant Parents Should Know About

These online communities dedicated to plants will have any garden enthusiast digging for more.

Plant Power

Plant Power

The number of devoted plant moms and dads has blossomed during quarantine, and isolation-inspired gardening has grown into a full-blown trend. Homes are filled with whimsical palm fronds, broad lyre-shaped leaves from the fiddle-leaf fig, and the bright pink hues of the Chinese evergreen.

Members of the plant-loving club, both long-standing and newly minted, may want to check out Reddit, which serves as a hub of information for a wide variety of hobbyists. The many botanical-themed threads available on the platform allow people to discover plants, learn which ones are best for their home and needs, and develop their green thumbs.

We’ve rounded up eight of the best botanical-themed Reddit threads you need to check out ASAP.

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Taking picture of plants with phone

Recently celebrating its 10th anniversary, r/whatsthisplant has nearly 550K loyal members. It has been instrumental in helping redditors discover wide varieties of plants and flowers, ultimately inspiring gardeners worldwide. So, if you see a flower that you love but don’t know its name, upload a pic and it’s bound to be uncovered by this trusty forum.

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Wilted Plant

There’s no need to “beat around the bush” when it comes to understanding the subject of this subreddit! The community here shares their houseplants’ drama, with redditors revealing the remarkable transformations their plants have undergone. Before-and-after photos and time-lapse videos showcase plants coming back to life in full bloom after receiving the right TLC. Take, for instance, this baby fittonia that perked up in no time. It’s truly astonishing to see a plant’s recovery.



Woman taking care of plants

Despite plant parents’ best efforts, sometimes the kids just don’t thrive like anticipated. After all, being a parent of any kind is no easy feat! This subreddit is a must for anyone wondering, “What’s wrong with my plant?” Here, redditors seek help diagnosing their sick plants and receive treatment solutions. Take, for instance, this redditor who needed help with a 40-year-old hoya. Thanks to the community’s recommendations, she helped cure her plant, and now it’s better than ever. 

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Beautiful Garden

A whopping 3.6 million redditors are subscribed to the r/gardening subreddit, which is a home for the best guides, pictures, and discussions of all things related to plants and their care. Whether people are proudly showing off their blooming plant babies or are sharing inspiration, some of these gardens are a sight to see!




Raising a plant is a huge commitment—it’s basically like adding another member to your family. Join countless redditors in both learning all that you need to know about the care and well-being of houseplants and celebrating the joys of plant parenthood.



Woman spraying plant with spray bottle

For urban dwellers who lack the space for an outdoor garden, this subreddit provides tips for exercising their burgeoning green thumb indoors. This community also acts as an encyclopedia of plants, helping you identify any that you’re curious about, and provides the information you need to be equipped to keep your garden endlessly growing!

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Woman looking at computer and taking care of plants

More than just a place to share plant pictures, this subreddit invites you to dive deeper and connect with an international community of green-loving redditors. The community is full of stunning plant photography as well as insightful information on growing, maintaining, and propagating houseplants and outdoor decorative plants.

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Fishtank with plants

Not all plants thrive on air alone, so for aquatic flora and fauna enthusiasts, this is the subreddit to check out. Whether you have a question about your underwater plant species or have a planted tank you want to show off, this is the community you'll be bound to get lost in.


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