8 Innovative Snow Shovels to Help You Clear the Path

With winter weather on the way, the hunt for the best snow shovel continues! Keep the snow—and backache—at bay this winter with one of these smart, ergonomic snow shovels.


ManPlow Shovel

Designed for deep snow, the ManPlow is a traditional snow pusher with a U-shaped handle and an extra wide blade (44 inches) ideal for decks, patios, and driveways. Available at Amazon; $73.05.



SnoBoss Pusher 4-Way Shovel

With the unusual design of the Sno Boss, you can easily adapt to the conditions at hand, removing snow either by scooping or pushing, making it one of the best snow shovel options for versatility. Plus, the ergonomic shaft and forward grips make it more comfortable to grasp. Available at Amazon; $54.16.



Back Saver Shovel

The original Back-Saver may be built of durable metal components, but that's not the reason to get one. Its main draw? The cleverly contoured design, which, by reducing the amount you must bend to get the job done, helps you prevent aches and pains. Available at Amazon; $37.46.


Sno Wovel

Best Snow Shovel for Back Pain Sno Wovel

According to an independent study at University of Massachusetts, the Sno Wovel—a wheeled snow shovel—virtually eliminates back stress and reduces overall exertion threefold. Just scoop, lift, and throw. Available at Amazon; $219.99.


Grain Hog

Grain Hog

Many cite an old-school farming tool as the best snow shovel for residential walkways and driveways. Why? Because with a high-sided, trough-like scoop of reinforced thermoplastic, the Grain Hog enables you to remove a lot of snow with each throw. Available at Amazon; $31.70.




With a 36-inch blade to cut through up to five inches of snow on any surface, The Snowcaster will have you rolling out of your driveway in no time—without having to spend the rest of the day on the couch with aching joints. Available at Amazon; $89.



Electric Snow Shovel

Can’t bear to shovel anymore? An electric shovel might be the answer to your prayers. On its own, requiring minimal effort from you, the 11-inch, 10-amp SnowJoe clears an approximately foot-wide swath of snow, six inches deep, with each pass. Available at Amazon; $98.02.


Collapsible Snow Shovel

Collapsible Snow Shovel

Quite possibly the best snow shovel for those who like to keep a spare in the car, a Collapsible Snow Shovel works as both a back-up shovel at home and a dig-out scoop when you're on the road. Made of high-quality aluminum by the AAA, this one is lightweight, easy to use, and converts in seconds. Available at Amazon; $19.89.


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