9 Catio Ideas Your Feline Friends will Love

These catio ideas will keep your indoor cat safe and secure while giving them the opportunity to bask in the sun, take in some fresh air, and engage in mentally and physically stimulating activities.
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A Perk for Your Pet


Cat patios, more commonly known as catios, let cats enjoy the outdoors from the safety of an enclosure. Screens, nylon mesh, or wire fencing that surround the play area not only contain the cats in a defined space but also keep potential predators outside.

Some catios are large and expansive enough for multiple cats to relax or to play together. Others are more compact and may even attach to a window for one cat to enjoy. Use these catio ideas for inspiration to give your furry friend the opportunity to soak up the sun and relax, observe animals and nature, and jump and climb in a protected environment.

Sun-Filled Solarium


This cat solarium is the perfect space for felines who love to sunbathe. The curved design provides cats with a panoramic view of the area to watch birds or other small animals, while the mesh screen attachment keeps bugs away. Even apartment-dwellers with limited space can provide their kitties with this catio since the solarium inserts into an existing window opening. Cats can let themselves in and out of the solarium as desired using the pet door attached to the back panel. Available on Etsy.

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Glamping for Kitties


Your feline friends can enjoy fresh air, an unobstructed view, and plenty of space to play with this catio tent. The tent sides are made from a durable mesh to keep cats safe and allow owners to monitor their activity. Connect an optional mesh tent tunnel (available on Amazon) to one of the zippered doors to give your cats more space to run and to amuse themselves. Available on Amazon.

Sun and Shade


This large wooden catio offers multiple levels of fun and plenty of space for more than one cat to enjoy nature. The catio features a large outdoor area with a metal wire frame, a hinged door, and a sliding door to keep kitties contained and let them look out at their surroundings. A wooden ramp gives cats the opportunity to climb up into one of the enclosed upper sections where they can stay dry or escape the heat. Available on Wayfair.

Portable Playtime


Let your cat or kitten enjoy playtime on the go with a portable catio. This rectangular screened-in playpen folds when not in use for easy storage and transport. It is crafted using a heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon with mesh sides. This catio’s design also features stakes to keep it securely anchored to the ground. Hoping to get your cat together with some of its feline besties? You can even connect two of these playpens together to create a more spacious outdoor play area. Available on Wayfair.

Custom Catio Chateau


Match your feline friend’s personality with a customizable catio. The overall dimensions as well as specific features, such as ramps, tiers, and doorways, can all be tailored to your preferences and requests. This may be a good choice for those looking to make the most of the available yard space to build an outdoor adventure zone for their cat. Available on Etsy.

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Swaying in the Breeze


Already have a catio that you want to accessorize for your kitty? Try adding one of these hammocks to provide a perfect place to catch some zzz’s in the warm sun. The padded hammock is designed with clasps to connect it to the wire sides of a catio. Choose from a variety of fun fabric options including tropical leaves, stars, or a snow leopard pattern. Available on Etsy.

Kitty Casita


Outdoor cats who are accustomed to more free-reign in a yard will love the shade and shelter this charming wooden house provides. The cat condo features two levels: a lower enclosed shelter to keep cats warm and dry and a rooftop balcony with a railing where they can enjoy the breeze and look out over the yard. Available on Amazon.

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Purrfect Palace


This roomy catio is adequately-sized to offer an ideal space for multiple cats to play, lounge, and safely spend time outdoors. Cats can climb and leap between the six platforms while safely observing the environment around them through the wire mesh sides. The asphalt-covered roof helps keep pets dry during a rain shower. Available on Wayfair.

Room for Friends


With this 3-tiered catio, cats will enjoy plenty of space to share with a friend or two. The rolling design of this model makes it an optimal choice for those who are looking for something suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This cat playpen can be folded flat for compact storage when not in use. Available on Amazon.