9 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkins

Boost your fall decor with a creative DIY pumpkin—no knives or scoopers required.

Drip Crayon Pumpkins

Drip Crayon Pumpkins

Melt a rainbow of crayons with a hairdryer for a funky and fun pumpkin. Beforehand, try painting the pumpkin in a bright color (or just plain white) to really pump up the whole effect.

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Thumbtack Pumpkin

Thumbtack DIY

The only thing separating you and a luxurious, gilded pumpkin is a bunch of gold thumbtacks. Stick them in and voila!

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Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins

Painting a pumpkin is harder than it looks—the round shape poses a challenge for amateur painters used to working on flat surfaces. But if you're up for the challenge, grab a set of acrylic paints or an acrylic paint pen and get to work. For added effect, try painting several pumpkins with complementary designs.

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Sequin Pumpkin

Sequin Pumpkin

This sequined pumpkin might be the simplest squash on our list. Just glue on your favorite sequins (often available from the fabric store in ready-to-go rows) to give your pumpkin a flashy, feminine DIY twist.


Glitter Pumpkin

Glitter Pumpkin

Step one: apply lines of tacky glue. Step two: sprinkle on some glitter, then allow to dry. Step three: brush away the extra glitter and admire your seriously unique pumpkin. Try it in different colors or designs, or paint an entire pumpkin with Mod Podge® before dousing in glitter.


Stocking Pumpkins

Stocking Pumpkins

Wrap your gourds in fishnet or lace stockings for a glamorous look. Top with a Halloween-themed bow for a spooky twist. 

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Glazed Pumpkins

Glazed Pumpkins

For a subtle but sophisticated look, paint a golden glaze over your pumpkins, then group or stack the shiny spheres any way you please.

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Ribbon Pumpkins

Ribbon Pumpkins

Hot-glue some decorative ribbons to your pumpkin for a simple, clean, yet fashion-forward look. The more ribbon, the more stripes, plaids, and zigzag patterns to create—so go wild!

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"Liberace" Pumpkin

Decorated Pumpkin

What do you get when you combine all of these decorations together? Sequins, laces, glitter, ribbons, paint and a little Mod Podge®—why, the "Liberace" pumpkin, of course.

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No Carving Knife Needed

No Carving Knife Needed

Get ready for Halloween with these fun—and easy—ideas!


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