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9 Simple Ways to Make Your Shed Match Your House

Making the most of a new outdoor structure requires a shift in mentality. You need to think of it not merely as a backyard shed, but rather as a reflection of your personal taste. So why not enhance the new outbuilding with the same distinctive details that add character and charm to your house? Not only will you be more proud of the shed itself, your residence and grounds will boast a more cohesive overall aesthetic. Check out the ideas here using LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products to inspire a one-of-a-kind shed style that’s a mini-me of your lovely home. For even more help visualizing your ideal shed, visit LPShed.com. This content has been brought to you by LP. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila.com.

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Get color coordinated.

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Painting your shed the same shade as your home is the first step toward making a unique and unified style statement. It’s also an easy step to complete when you start with a shed constructed with LP® SmartSide Trim & Siding, which come pre-primed and ready to paint any color you choose. Tip: Your best bet is exterior-quality 100 percent acrylic latex paint, specially formulated for use on wood and engineered wood substrates so your shed will stand up to the elements.

Put on a front porch.


A front porch is a popular feature of many architectural styles, from gingerbread Victorians to beach bungalows and rustic ranches. If your house has a porch, you know how effective it is at extending your living space. Well, adding a porch to your shed offers these same benefits of style and space, and a porch is particularly appealing on a playhouse, where little ones can get some fresh air and enjoy their favorite fun zone at the same time!

Deck it out.


Like a front porch, a platform deck or patio will enhance your enjoyment of your shed by increasing its space while also complementing the look of your yard and home. A competent DIYer can build a deck frame of 2×6 treated lumber and then top it with more of the same. Plan for a deck that runs the length of the shed and extends out about five feet to create a strong visual impact and provide enough space for a few chairs.

Add an awning.


Both pretty and practical, awnings above the door to your shed will shield you from sun and rain when you’re moving stored items in and out. Plus, these additions work in tandem with your other key materials choices, such as LP Prostruct® Roof with SilverTech®, to keep the interior comfortable. Installing overhangs above west-facing windows can reduce solar gain by up to 77 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Try some trim.


Just as trim frames your home, it can be incorporated along your shed’s corners, sides, roof, windows, and doors to help the shed stand out on your property. Trim is especially effective when homeowners choose a paint for the four-inch-wide planks that contrasts with the siding. Choosing LP SmartSide Trim not only gives your shed the appeal of craftsmanship, with a choice of smooth or cedar texture to achieve the desired effect, but its SmartGuard® treatment also aids in protection against rot and termites.

Make windows wow.


If your home’s facade features shutters, a shed with standard windows may appear a little bare without the same country-cottage accents. Fortunately, it’s easy to duplicate the look! Shed shutters, sold in pairs, are available in a variety of sizes and are usually constructed of durable plastic. Use screws to install them on either side of a window, then complete the look with decorative iron shutter dogs in a similar style to the ones on your home. 

Have handsome hardware.


It’s all in the details! Your shed’s hardware—the hinges, handles, latches, and locks on its doors—should not only provide security, but should also complement the shed’s style and coordinate with the main house. Wrought iron is a popular choice, and hardware with a colonial look is perfect for carriage-style doors, but search and you’ll find sleek, modern stainless steel versions and virtually anything in between.

Do outdoor decor.


Here’s where you can really get creative: Embellish the exterior of your home with a star, sign, screen, or other type of wall art, from simple to eclectic. Put up vertical planters. Fly a colorful flag. Splurge on a beautiful sconce or lantern. Hang a wind chime. And, of course, there’s nothing quite so pretty as delicate, twinkling string lights draped from the soffits. If the decor in consideration works for your house, it can be translated to your shed.

Love your landscaping.


Proper attention given to the surrounding landscaping can truly integrate a shed into the yard and make it look even more like it really belongs next to the house. Treat the area around your shed just as you would the yard around your home. A landscaping bed can wrap around the entire outbuilding or, if you’ve put in a porch or platform deck, the three remaining sides. After filling the bed with mulch, add plants that complement those already on your property. If you want shade and privacy, consider planting shrubs that will grow to an appropriate height, and prune them to encourage appealing shapes.