Bob Vila's Holiday Gift Guide: For the DIY Mom

The DIY mom in your life takes care of everyone—so now it's time to take care of her with one of our great holiday gift ideas!

Salvaged Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

Your DIY mom works hard, so sometimes she needs to play hard too. Celebrate her repurposing spirit with this beautiful lazy Susan, made from a richly oiled, 19th century wine barrel. Mom's famous artichoke dip, fruit salad, or cheese platter will look even classier sitting atop this salvaged beauty! Available at The Daily Grommet; $195.

Sky Planter

Upside-Down Planter

The sky's the limit with the Sky Planter from Boskke. Whether your mom has a veritable green thumb or just loves to cook with fresh herbs, these upside-down planters make the perfect unexpected holiday present. Quirky yet functional, they'll give your mom the gift of an indoor garden—that she doesn't have to bend down to tend! Available at Boskke; starting at $35.

Creative Woodburner Pen

Woodburner Pen

Mom can personalize any wood project with the artistic assistance of a wood burning pen. The Creative Woodburner Value Pen offers different points for a variety of effects. Available at Walnut Hollow; $13.99.

Factory Direct Craft

Ergonomic Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

Upgrade your mom's cutting tools with a few ergonomically designed instruments from Slice. This collection includes all the sharp tools she'll ever need, from box cutters to letter openers—and they look cool too. Available at The Daily Grommet; $5 to $10 each (or get the whole kit and caboodle for $54.90).

Tough Tool Bag

gifts for diy mom

Just because she's carrying around tools doesn't mean Mom can't look good while doing so! For any Ms. Fix-it, a canvas tool bag is a fashionable alternative to the masculine toolbox, and Klein is the brand to know, offering an array of well-made canvas bags from 14 inches and up—and smaller tool clutches too! Available at The Home Depot; from $56.99.

Dremel Rotary Tool

Dremel Drill

The multipurpose Dremel Rotary Tool is useful for a host of DIY projects. Whether she's carving a killer jack-o'-lantern or cutting the bottoms off wine bottles, Mom will love having such a powerful and versatile tool in the palm of her hand. Available at; $44.57.


LED Headlamp

Head Lamp

Whether she's crawling under the sink or shimmying into the crawl space, a DIY mom needs to see clearly, hands-free. That’s a cinch with the Black Diamond women's headlamp. The tiltable head carries a double-power LED that runs on three AAA batteries. It’s got enough lumens to light up a 15-meter distance for 140 hours. Available at Outdoor Play; $29.95.

Outdoor Play

Lightweight Tool Belt

Pink Tool Belt

Give the gift of hip-held organization with the lightweight, multipurpose pockets on the Nylon Pink Tool Belt. Your mom can keep all her tools close at hand in the sturdy pockets, which adjust around the belt. The handy pockets are just as useful for gardening as they are for carpentry. Available at Safety Girl ; $24.99.

Safety Girl

Personal Laminator


A laminator is the DIYer's dream gift. It can be used to make hang tags, chore charts, place mats, recipe cards, and so much more. Mom can create a dry-erase anything with a laminator. It’s a gift that will truly keep on giving. Available at; $44.99.

Tortoiseshell Safety Glasses

Cute Safety Glasses

Safety first—but don't forget style! These wraparound safety glasses satisfy both requirements: They're sized smaller, especially for women, and sport a chic tortoiseshell frame. Available at Pro Safety Supplies; $9.79.

Pro Safety Supplies

Adjustable Socket Wrench

Adjustable Socket Wrench

What DIY mom doesn’t respect multitasking? Well, here's one tool that will really earn her admiration. The RapidRench takes the place of both an adjustable wrench and a ratcheting socket set. So many tools in one! The jaw design extends to reach deep into spots, and the tool's comfort grip reduces hand stress. Available from The Home Depot ; $19.97.

Home Depot

Work Gloves

Pink Gloves

The Tuff Chix work gloves for women are anatomically patterned to fit and move with a woman’s hand. They're superbly durable, with padded knuckles and a great grip for grasping heavy objects. Made of synthetic leather, stretch nylon, and terrycloth, they breathe and are completely washable. Bring on the dirty jobs! Available at Safety Girl; $19.99.

Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

Staple Gun

Whether she’s reupholstering a chair or hanging insulation, the Stanley SharpShooter Heavy-Duty Staple Gun will help Mom get the job done. Available at The Home Depot; $14.97.

Home Depot

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