Clean Faster with 8 Secrets from the Pros

You know the feeling: At the first sign of warm weather, the desire to clean house is at an all time high. However, for today's time-starved homeowners, sometimes this traditional spring task seems too daunting to tackle. Chances are you could be cleaning smarter—and faster! Take a tip or two from Debra Johnson of Merry Maids and you'll be well on your way to a cleaner, happier home.

  1. Start a Routine

    Cleaning Routine

    There's no need to devote an entire Saturday to cleaning a messy house. Instead, start a daily cleaning routine, tackling just one room or big task at a time. Break down overwhelming chores into manageable 30 to 60 minute sessions.

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  2. Dust Busters

    Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

    When it comes to dusting, microfiber cloths rule supreme. Unlike other dusters, microfiber cloths actually grab dust rather than push it around. Another microfiber advantage? These dust rags can be washed up to 500 times, making them a budget- and eco-friendly choice.

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  3. Stay Organized

    Organize Cleaning Supplies

    Easy access to well-organized supplies certainly expedites household cleaning. Store your supplies in a Rubbermaid tote, or even a simple bucket, so that you're ready to carry and clean in any room. Make sure your carryall includes all the essentials like a general-purpose cleaner, scrub brushes, and a few microfiber cloths.

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  4. Top to Bottom

    Cleaning Tips

    It turns out that cleaning a room from top to bottom really does make the process much easier. Remove dust and cobwebs from ceiling fans, bathroom vents, and crown molding before turning your attention to baseboards, floors, and furnishings. Knock out dirt with duster, brooms, or vacuums before wet mopping to eliminate clingy gunk and grime.

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  5. Clean More With Less

    Clean Faster

    The more often you clean, the less work you—and your cleansers—will need to do. For instance, doing your dishes right after dinner means you'll need less elbow grease (and degreasers) for shiny, clean plates. Likewise, simply drying your bathroom tiles after showering cuts down on soap scum, meaning you can use gentler, milder products to clean your space.

  6. Use Less Product

    Floor Cleaning

    Less is always more when it comes to cleaning. Although you might think using more cleanser will get your home cleaner, the opposite is true. For example, too much soap causes build up, which leaves floors sticky.

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  7. Underfoot Dirt Prevention

    How to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean

    The simplest thing you can do for cleaner floors is simply to remove your shoes when entering your home. Place welcome mats both outside and inside the front door to catch loose dirt before it reaches the rest of the house. For a high tech way to cut down on your household cleaning, invest in an automatic cleaner like  try a high-tech the iRobot, which vacuums floors so you don't have to.

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  8. Closets Are Not Part of the Routine

    Closet Organization

    There's one place that should never factor into your spring cleaning routing: the closet. Organizing a closet is a pretty large job, so reserve it for a different day. Get your home spring cleaning done first, then tackle the big closet clean-out so you can devote ample time to sorting, purging, and cleaning smaller surfaces.

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