Deck the Doors: 12 Wreaths for Autumn Decorating

Get into the swing of the season with these 12 awesome autumnal wreaths.

  1. Alternative Apples

    Apple Wreath

    Adorn your door with the cheery bright green of Granny Smith apples, a luscious-looking change from the typical wreath components. What’s more, this DIY wreath will get you in the mood for fall apple picking!

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  2. Gorgeous Gourds

    Gourd Wreath

    Fresh gourds in the markets are one of the first signs of autumn. Work them into a playful display by adhering them to a foam wreath form and they'll bring an explosion of color, shape, and texture to your entryway.

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  3. Crisp, Crafty Corn Husks

    Corn Husk Wreath

    This light and airy corn husk wreath feels almost ethereal hung on worn and weathered wood, but it would be just as at home on a smartly painted door, evoking all things harvest. Perfect for the fall season!

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  4. Flamboyant Feathers

    Feather Wreath

    The windswept, natural wistfulness of a feather wreath can become a unique focal point on any wall, bringing softness and delicacy to a space. It will certainly be a conversation starter, no matter where you hang it! via TheNestatWindyCorner

  5. Fabulous Fall Berries

    Berry Wreath

    Anything with berries on it instantly says "autumn." Work bright red and orange bunches of berries into a grapevine wreath form, and finish it off with a shiny ribbon. It’s a vibrant touch of color for your entryway.

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  6. Natural Nuts

    Nut Wreath

    A mixture of nuts and seed pods, glued to a wreath form, make for a rich and earthy display either indoors or out. Pair it with twine tied up in bows, and this wreath will work all the way through the winter holiday season.

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  7. Festive Fall Flowers

    Fall Flower Wreath

    Capture autumn in a wreath full of the season’s foliage and flowers. Dock, corn tassel, and dried strawflowers are punctuated with artificial berries and twirls of burlap for a decadent display. via NaturesLot

  8. Gracious Grapevine

    Grape Vine Wreath

    Grapevine forms are often used as the base for a wreath. Gussy one up with a spray of autumn foliage, and it can stand on its own—organic beauty, easily acquired.

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  9. Felt Flowers

    Felt Flowers

    Fake flowers are a common sight on many seasonal DIY wreaths, but handmade felt flowers are a less common sight. If you choose to make your own flowers with craft-friendly felt, experiment with different colors, textures, and techniques for a truly one-of-a-kind wreath.

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  10. Merry Mini Pumpkins

    Pumpkin Wreath

    A moss-covered wreath form festooned with mini pumpkins is an enticing treat for your door. Whether you hang it for Halloween or the entire season, it’s a welcoming way to usher in autumn.

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  11. Basic Burlap

    Burlap Wreath

    Burlap is not just for potato sacks anymore—it’s a decorating trend. A wreath form wrapped in natural-toned burlap and accented with faux flowers is both modern and understated. It's farmhouse chic fit for any locale.

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  12. Chicken Wire Wreath

    Chicken Wire Wreath

    Who says a wreath has to be traditional? The ring of this wreath is thin and ethereal but the chicken wire backing gives it a quirky twist—as well as a convenient surface to affix extra adornments. via AnitaRexDesigns

  13. Autumn Accents

    Autumn Accents

    A fall wreath can make your door instantly warm welcoming for your holiday guests.

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