Deck the Halls: 10 Festive Ideas for Every Corner of the House

Deck the halls, walls, and tables with boughs of holly, wreaths, and the decorating ideas we've gathered together to make your holiday bright!

A Warm Welcome

Holiday Wreath

Transforming a plain wreath into a welcoming work of art is one of the joys of the holiday season. This year, look beyond traditional details and incorporate gifts from your garden or pantry items like lemons, artichokes, and cinnamon sticks.

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Banister Garland

Even the simplest holiday decorations can achieve a high visual impact. Here, an unadorned garland held in place with white ribbon complements a trio of paperwhites in terra cotta pots. Resting a small grouping of wrapped packages on a chair creates an artful tableau.

Call On Collections

Holiday Mantle

To personalize a holiday mantel, combine traditional materials with cherished collections, suggest the editors of Better Homes & Gardens in their book Fireplace Design & Decorating Ideas. Here, a selection of milk glass is set aglow with votive candles and tea lights.

Fireplace Design & Decorating Ideas

Window Dressing

Holiday Windows

As pretty as it is simple to arrange, this window decoration features miniature wreaths hung from red ribbon of varying lengths. The small red package and single reindeer figurine resting on the windowsill complete this pleasing vignette.

Pull Up a Chair

Holiday Color Scheme

When setting a holiday table, consider decorative chair covers to transform your everyday seating into a charming part of the overall theme. A red-and-white color scheme looks especially pleasing when paired with fresh greenery.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Mantle Decorations

White pine boughs, green apples, and pinecones—with these three easily found ingredients, you can create festive and fragrant decorations on mantels, shelves, or tabletops.

A Grand Entrance

Holiday Entrance

Dramatic spaces deserve eye-catching decorations, like this banister garland that weaves together pine branches, magnolia leaves, white lights, glass ornaments, and silver ribbon.

A Dash of Sparkle

Decorating with Ornaments

Grab an extra box of tree ornaments to adorn windows throughout the house. Here, cheerful green orbs and sparkling snowflakes complement the greenery around the window without competing with the room's neutral palette.

A Splash of Color

Hanging Holiday Cards

Take advantage of the bright colors and heartwarming imagery of the holiday cards you are receiving by using them in decorating schemes! One simple idea is to string a length of red pom-poms in front of a window, mantel, or cupboard, and tie on the cards using a hole puncher and a strip of colorful ribbon.

Think Big

Holiday Bedrooms

Why should the first floor of the house get all the attention around the holidays? Feel free to deck bedrooms and even baths with greenery, poinsettias, and tabletop trees. Winter-themed pillow covers are a worthwhile investment: Around the holidays they enliven beds, sofas, and reading chairs.


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