Don't Forget These 10 Christmas Eve Must Do's

Christmas comes but once a year, but it's still hard to imagine where all that prep time goes! If you're still counting down the hours, use this checklist to make sure everything comes off without a hitch.

By Caitlin Castelaz | Updated Aug 18, 2015 01:19 PM

Finish Wrapping the Gifts

Wrapped Gifts

Head to your wrapping stations to finish off the gifts. If you find out in the middle of a late-night wrapping session that you're short on paper or gift bags, DIY solutions can save the day, even if stores are closed for the holiday. Stay strong and wrap on!

Party With Tiffany

Display the Cards

Christmas Card Display

These beautiful door ribbons are perfect for attaching holiday cards. There are many ways to display all the warm wishes you've received in a decorative fashion for all to admire.

Check the lights

Christmas Lights Not Working

It's inevitable that at some point during the Christmas season, everything on the tree will glisten and sparkle—except for your lights. If you have a spare string handy in storage, now might be the time. But if not then don't fret, we've got sanity-saving tips for trouble-shooting your lights.

Shovel the Walk

Shovel Snow

No one wants a nasty slip– especially when visiting for the holidays. Your guests will thank you for the time you spend shoveling the sidewalk and driveway. Save yourself from injury on the job with some snow removal tips.

Hang the Wreath

Christmas Wreath

The wreath has been a sign of Christmas for hundreds of years. Hang it over the door, window, or hallway to welcome the season. Adventurous decorators can opt for a non-traditional wreath.

Stock Up on Firewood

Firewood Storage

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire calls for a good supply of firewood. This quick guide to firewood types will help you bring home the best kind for you.

Bake some Cookies

Snowman Cookies

Nothing puts everyone in the holiday mood like Christmas cookies. There's plenty of time to whip up a couple batches. The smell of baking cookies will still be in the air while you're sitting down to unwrap the presents. Yum!

Fill the Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Don't forget this holiday tradition in the last minute crunch to get everything done. Fill the Christmas stockings with some great gift ideas.

West Elm

Hang the Mistletoe


Mistletoe's evergreen leaves make it an obvious candidate for traditional Christmas decor. Hang a little from the doorway to brighten your home—kissing optional.

Something for Santa

Cookies for Santa

It can take a lot of work to bring everything together for the season, but we all know someone who works a lot harder. Show your appreciation by leaving out some cookies and milk for Santa.

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