Editors' Picks: 8 Favorite Etsy Stores for One-of-a-Kind Furniture

Shopping for furniture can be a stressful experience. While some people can find the perfect "forever" piece in a furniture showroom, those with more eclectic tastes may have better luck with an online search—as long as they know where to look. We've picked some of our favorite shops from Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade goods, to put you on the path to a uniquely furnished home.

Appalachian Joinery

Appalachian Joinery Etsy Furniture Shop

The man behind Appalachian Joinery, Chester Shuey, lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina, where he makes furniture that pairs the principles of modern design with building techniques nurtured for centuries in the Appalachian Mountains. Whether a small stool or a large bed frame, an original design or a reproduction, each piece is crafted of locally salvaged hardwood, rich in history, with a hand-rubbed oil finish that enhances the inherent beauty of the natural material. "Should all furniture last generations? I think so," Shuey says. Visit Appalachian Joinery now.

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Rocker Refined

Etsy Rocking Chair

If you want to add an unexpected element to your home's decor, look no further than the elegant seating options offered by RockerRefined on Etsy. The tufted wingback and rocking chairs, crafted to your specifications by Pennsylvania-based Carla James, feature painted wood and colorful upholstery. During the design process, Carla creates multiple customized fabric combinations based on your aesthetic preferences, leaving you to choose your favorite. Visit RockerRefined now.

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Misty Mountain Furniture

Misty Mountain Furniture Etsy Shop

Mounting a deer head on the wall isn't the only way to make your home feel like a country lodge. For a truly rustic room, nothing beats the warmth of natural wood. Each rough-hewn pine offering from the Idaho-based builders at Misty Mountain Furniture has the charm and strength to serve as the heart of your decor for years to come. Visit MstyMtnFurn now.

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New Again Upholstery

Etsy Upholstered Furniture

A striking piece of upholstered furniture can transform an entire room, and the tempting options from New Again Upholstery are sure to command attention. Angie Rojas and her husband, Fernando, run a Georgia-based shop that specializes in quality upholstery. The duo can upholster any piece of furniture, from chairs to sofas to ottomans. New Again Upholstery even offers tufted headboards in any size that can also be made from the customer’s own fabric or faux-leather material. Visit New Again Upholstery now .

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Flint Alley Furniture

Flint Alley Furniture Etsy Furniture Shop

A small, family-owned business based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Flint Alley Furniture makes each piece to order, giving customers the chance to customize their purchase by specifying the wood species and, in some cases, the finish as well. Of course, given the small size of the company, the popularity of its furniture, and the amount of work involved in handcrafting a desk or coffee table, you're not going to get overnight delivery. But for midcentury-style furniture designed and built to last for generations, what's a few weeks' wait time?  Visit Flint Alley Furniture now.

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Found In Attic

Found in Attic Etsy Furniture

For a DIY look without the DIY work, few things can compare with the rustic stylings of Etsy seller Found In Attic. Using reclaimed wood crates and salvaged grain sacks, they create one-of-a-kind pieces according to specifications—like this upholstered, clutter-busting ottoman. Visit FoundInAttic now

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Hearthside Home

Hearthside Home Etsy Furniture Shop

Although Etsy is well known for its diverse community of makers and artists, it's also a great place for vintage connoisseurs as well. You can find furniture from nearly any bygone era, but if it's Danish midcentury modern you're after, check out Hearthside Home for everything from dining chairs and bar carts to headboards and credenzas. Visit Hearthside Home now.

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Ipatov Style

Ipatov Style Furniture Etsy Shop

For furniture that does double duty as statuesque art, you may find nothing more striking than the bent plywood masterpieces from Ukrainian creators Andrey and Artem. Their made-to-order chairs are fashioned to be not only functional furniture, but creative conversation pieces as well. Visit Ipatov Style now.

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