Kitchen Cures: The Perfect Solution for Every Unruly Drawer

No matter the size of your kitchen, there never seems to be enough storage space to fit the everyday wares and specialty gadgets. Soon, you find the collection spilling onto the countertops and invading your cooking space. But before you consider where to add more cabinets, shelves, or baskets to your kitchen, take a peek inside the areas that still have a little more room to give: your existing drawers. If left a mess, they don't store to full potential. Fortunately, these seven tricks can organize every drawer in the kitchen to work harder and fit more—without turning into an overcrowded junk drawer.

By Marie Proeller Hueston | Updated Aug 18, 2015 01:37 PM

Think Outside The Box

Kitchen Drawer Organizer Boxes

Faced with a deep pot drawer and lots of smaller items to organize, crafty DIYer Chez Larsson fitted the space with a collection of mini-recycling bins. The vertical storage is especially well suited for taller objects such as utensils, chopsticks, candles, and small cutting boards. Plus, the setup makes it easy to take out any bin individually to clean or sort.

Spectacular Spices

Kitchen Drawer Spice Storage

Streamline a crowded spice drawer using same-size containers (like these short mason jars) with color-coordinated labels on top. To keep the look as organized as this drawer from The Country Chic Cottage, line the bottom of the drawer with black craft paper, trace each jar's base, and write the contents in the circle. 

DIY Utensil Drawer

DIY Silverware Drawer Organizer

When it comes to organizing a utensil drawer, read-made dividers only go so far. There always seems to be a whisk or spatula that is too tall to fit. One resourceful couple solved this dilemma by measuring the drawer's tools and building a custom drawer divider out of 1/4-inch hobby board.

Clear Some Counter Space

Knife Wood Block Drawer

Love the convenience of woodblock knife holders but desperately need more counter space? You can purchase a slotted knife organizer to fit right inside a drawer. Just double check the depth of your drawer before you buy to see that it has enough depth to fit the tray when its filled with

Level Up

Double Level Drawer Organizer

Two-tier cutlery trays instantly double the storage space of any drawer. Whether you sort everyday cutlery on top with special occasions beneath or use the dividers to split up all your pens, scissors, birthday candles, and other miscellaneous items, your utensils will be neatly arranged and (finally!) easy to find.

Grab A Dish

Separate Dishes in Drawer

Separate everyday dishes into taller stacks by customizing a deep drawer with wooden dowels to accommodate the curves of plates and bowls. Not only does this arrangement open up shelf space for other items you may wish to store or display, it also makes it much easier for little hands to help set the table.

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