Look! 11 Painted Ceilings That Wow

Ceilings are an often overlooked element of interior design. Sometimes referred to as the "fifth wall," the ceiling offers a wide-open expanse, a tempting blank canvas onto which a homeowner might paint a bold color, a soft hue, or even a stenciled pattern. Here are 11 rooms where ceilings are an integral part of the overall home design. We hope they inspire you to gaze up at your own ceilings and unleash their design potential.

  1. A Burst of Color

    Bright Painted Ceiling

    Painted a bold hue, ceilings act very much like accent walls in a room, brightening a mostly neutral setting. Here, Benjamin Moore's Persimmon creates a playful counterpoint to the walls' more subdued Revere Pewter, also by Benjamin Moore. Decorative accents like the rug and wall hanging move the cheerful ceiling color around the room.


  2. Classic Combination

    Blue Painted Ceiling

    Blue and white is one of the most popular color schemes in American homes. In this kitchen, the timeless combination is given a fresh twist by using blue on the ceiling and white on the cabinets and woodwork. Indigo-and-white upholstery for the armchairs energizes the setting. Dark wood accents round out the decor.


  3. Color All Around

    Green Painted Ceiling

    If you have one favorite hue, consider using it for ceilings, walls, and woodwork to completely envelop yourself. Softer colors, like this lovely apple green, will be easier to live with on a daily basis than, say, fire-engine red. Break up the large expanse of color with furniture and fabrics in different hues.


  4. High Drama

    Black Painted Ceiling

    Deep black and charcoal gray are not colors we usually associate with bedrooms, but in this luxurious setting both hues are used to great effect, creating an atmosphere that evokes the night. Ample use of white and pale tan throughout the room in woodwork, bedding, and sisal carpeting keeps the darker colors from overpowering the space.


  5. Perfect Patterns

    Stenciled Ceiling

    A large stenciled pattern adorns the ceiling in this serene bedroom, achieving a lacy effect that mirrors the chandelier. The ceiling color is a few shades lighter than the walls, keeping the room's color scheme in the blue family without matching too closely. 

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  6. Country Kitchen

    Yellow Painted Ceiling

    Warm ocher is a popular color in country kitchen schemes, and its impact is doubled when used on both walls and ceiling. Red valances, hunter-green bar stools, and a textural granite top on the island enliven the space.


  7. Like a Clear Blue Sky

    Turquoise Painted Ceiling

    Painting a bathroom ceiling a cool turquoise makes it easy to daydream about tropical locales while relaxing in the tub. Ceiling paint adds an element of whimsy to rooms that have a somewhat serious feeling to them, such as this bath's stately black-and-white decor.

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  8. Color Coordinated

    Gray Painted Ceiling

    When using wallpaper in a room, consider choosing a ceiling color found in the pattern. In this elegant dining room, the deeper tone of a gray-on-gray motif was chosen for the ceiling; the lighter shade would have worked equally well. Choose several paint swatches to compare against your wallpaper before making a final decision.

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  9. Strong Statement

    Pink Painted Ceiling

    Painting the ceiling can be a perfect solution when a younger member of your household decides he or she wants to paint a bedroom a vibrant hue. Balanced by white walls and bedding, even a color as bright as this fuchsia comes across as playful without overwhelming the space.

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  10. In the Clouds

    Blue Nursery

    The extreme angles of dormered ceilings can make a room feel tight, but painted clouds on the ceiling and upper walls of this tranquil West Hollywood nursery softened the edges for an airy look. The white clouds add a feeling of expansiveness to a simple and clean blue-and-black room. 

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