Make a Splash! 10 Stunning Backyard Ponds to Enhance Any Landscape

Looking to add some personality to an underwhelming backyard? Maybe it’s time to add a water feature. Installing an outdoor pond or water hole can be a simple weekend project using a kit from your local nursery or building supply store, or it can be an elaborate landscaping job that requires professional services. Before beginning, think carefully about the purpose of your outdoor pond. A small water hole edged with a narrow perennial garden adds tranquility to a small garden area, whereas a multilevel pond with waterfalls and flowering shrubs becomes the main focus of a backyard. If you want fish in the water, you’ll have to create a healthy environment for them with the proper filtration and nutrition in the water. Also consider the shape of the pond and the topography of your yard. These can affect the placement of rocks, greenery, and other features such as fountains or statues that you may want to include in the design. Not sure where to start? Take a look at these 11 outdoor ponds for inspiration—you may catch some ideas that will work well in your own yard.

  1. Water-Lily Pond with Bridge

    Waterlily Pond

    This incredible water-lily pond and footbridge is so picture perfect, it's practically a Monet! A balanced ecosystem is created by adding koi, which thrive with proper care in deeper backyard ponds.

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  2. Trailing Stone Pond

    Multi-Level Pond

    Traditional landscaped ponds are commonly associated with small spaces and city homes, but this country property affords ample space for a flowing, multilevel pond complete with several pooling areas. It is edged with a landscaped perennial garden that includes grasses, shrubs, and hostas.

  3. Waterfall Pond

    Backyard Waterfall

    Here’s a pond with a waterfall that's ideal for this wooded lot in a northern climate. This Edmonton-area property is surrounded by forests and makes use of light-colored flat rocks, dark landscaping mulch, shrubs, and perennials to create a dramatic backyard water feature.

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  4. Laid Stone Pond

    Stone Lined Pond

    This beautiful backyard pond was built in two days using 6,000 pounds of red New England fieldstone, a flat and stackable rock that's perfect for water features. When working with this much stone, protect yourself by having the suppliers deliver it directly to the project site. For full project details, check out this guide.

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  5. Deck Pond

    Backyard Deck and Pond

    How would you like to outfit your deck with a mini pond? If you can dig and cut boards, you can achieve the look with ease. This meditative backyard sanctuary cost about $3,000 to complete and offers a tranquil getaway from everyday life.

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  6. Galvanized Tub Pond

    DIY Pond

    If you long for a backyard pond but just don’t have room, create one in a cattle trough. At three feet in diameter, this pond is home to a dwarf water lily, assorted pond plants, and even a few goldfish.

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  7. Rectangular Zen Pond

    Backyard Fountain

    Merging the fountain and the pond, this backyard water feature is sure to attract bathing songbirds. An ample ledge around the perimeter allows easy access for cleaning or maintaining the pond.

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  8. Lily Pad Deck Pond

    Giant Lily Pads

    Access to the deck on the other side of this pond is possible only by crossing the super-size wooden lily pads that float in this bold and modern water feature.

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  9. Swimming Pond Extraordinaire

    Natural Pools

    Are you looking for a swimming area but are resistant to the traditional backyard pool? This natural swimming pond includes a three-foot-deep shallow area as well as a six-foot deep end lined with granite flagstone. A shallow “regeneration” zone includes plants, aquatic insects, and bacteria to clean and filter the water.

  10. Natural Garden Pond

    Backyard Pond

    Who says a backyard pond has to be big to be beautiful? This small water feature has a simple pump to keep the water moving and fresh, and delightful landscaping that adds to its charm.

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