Murphy Beds: 9 Hide-Away Sleepers

Since its 1900 invention, the Murphy Bed has become a standard space-saving solution for making a room multifunctional.

  1. Traditional Home Office

    Home Office Murphy Bed

    The home office easily becomes a spare bedroom with this traditionally styled cabinetry. The vertical Murphy bed houses a ten-inch-deep double mattress and folds up and down with a sturdy, spring mechanism.

  2. Murphy Bed 2.0

    Murphy Bed 2.0

    Rather than folding up into the wall, this bed 'flies' up via elevator to rest just above the ceiling. A fantastic option for super-small spaces, it’s the next generation of Murphy Bed.

  3. Entertainment Center Murphy Bed

    Murphy Bed Entertainment Center

    This is full-service entertainment. No one would ever guess that sleeping accommodations are hidden beneath the music collection in this sleek, white media center.

  4. Sofa Murphy Bed

    Murphy Bed Sofa

    This free-standing Murphy Bed unit provides seating, room division, and last but not least, an extra bed! The seat of the sofa lifts up to reveal storage for cushions and bedding, while the bed swings down on a hinge without displacing items on display.

  5. Bunk Beds

    Murphy Bed Bunk Beds

    Two beds fit into the space of one with this bunk version of the Murphy Bed that is perfect for a kid’s room, fire house, or dormitory.

  6. Bifold Bookcase

    Murphy Bed Bookcase

    Once this wall bed is folded up into its cabinet, the bookcase doors swing closed to hide it. Voila! An instant, stylish bookcase serving as a beautiful focal point for the room.

  7. Drop-Down Table

    Murphy Bed Table

    Dine by day, sleep by night with a combination unit that includes bed, dining table, shelves and mini wardrobe. This makes loft or studio living easy.

  8. Two Twins

    Murphy Bed Twins

    This home office stashes not one, but two twin beds in the wall, each of which can be folded down independently—just one more way to add flexibility to a multi-function space.

  9. Do It Yourself

    Murphy Bed DIY

    If a manufactured Murphy Bed cabinet is out of your budget, you can buy a kit, and create one yourself. The kit for this bed came unfinished from Wilding Wall Beds and was sized and milled for the fittings and 

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