New Front Doors Change Everything in 4 Entryway Before-and-Afters

It's almost shocking that a home upgrade as minor as replacing the front door can boost your home's curb appeal in such a major way! Courtesy of Masonite, these before-and-after sequences prove, once and for all, what a difference a new entry door can make!

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  1. The Key to Curb Appeal


    Breezing in and out of the front door day to day, we rarely pause to consider its vital importance. Besides keeping out the weather—and intruders—the front door makes or breaks a home's curb appeal. Maybe that's why Remodeling magazine found, among all popular home upgrades, front door replacement provides the single highest rate of return on investment. The project virtually pays for itself, even while it gives a facelift to the facade of your home. Click through to see eight before-and-afters that prove, once and for all, what a difference a new door can make!

  2. A Solid Slab


    Tudor, before: Characterized by a feeling of imposing solidity, this paneled door, relieved only by a pair of small lites, sits soberly within an otherwise featureless section of the stucco exterior. Rather than welcome visitors to the home, it seems to grumble, "stay away."

  3. The Wonder of a Window


    Tudor, after: Now featuring a Belleville fiberglass door from Masonite, available from The Home Depot, the entryway is now as refined as it is inviting. Finished in earthy brown, the door includes a decorative known as a dentil shelf. But of course the main attraction is the stained glass lite, which provides privacy without sending a message of aloofness out to the street.

  4. Dull and Drab


    Neoclassical, before: Flanked by lovely stone columns, the dull, drab entry door gets lost in the stone facade. Rather than serve as a focal point that complements the surrounding portico and exterior masonry walls, the door fails to entice the eye and ultimately creates an overall impression of heaviness.

  5. Crisply Contrasted


    Neoclassical, after: Saving the scene is the Barrington fiberglass door from Masonite, available from The Home Depot. The door's rich merlot finish offers an ideal contrast to the home's stonework. And with so much hard, opaque stone to be found here, it's particularly impactful that three-quarters of the Masonite door are given over to comparatively delicate and obviously transparent glass.

  6. Blink and You Miss It


    Brick, before: Completely lacking in ceremony, you might very well walk by this self-effacing blue door without noticing that it was there. That's fine and arguably desirable for a side door, but the main entrance to a home ideally would be, not only clearly visible to visitors, but also at least somewhat enticing.

  7. Bold and Beautiful


    Brick, after: Now featuring a Belleville fiberglass door from Masonite, available from The Home Depot, the entry area now clearly announces itself as such, grabbing attention without being ostentatious. The warm caramel finish manages simultaneously to match and stands out from the exterior, while the oval of glass balances out the rectilinear aspect of brick construction.

  8. A Sad Sight


    Farmhouse, before: Rough-hewn doors can be wonderfully evocative of simpler times, but this one looks, not shabby chic, but plain old shabby. While the house itself appears strong enough to weather an earthquake, its front door looks like it could buckle under a strong breeze.

  9. Totally Transformed


    Farmhouse, after: Built to last, the new steel Masonite door, available at The Home Depot, lends solidity to the entryway. The home no longer seems neglected. Whereas before the doorway was dark and forbidding, it now offers a bright, friendly welcome to guests, with the arched lite atop the high-definition panels even adding a bit of sparkle.

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