Rain Barrels That Perform with Style

Using rainwater is an eco-friendly way to nourish your lawn and garden. Here are twelve rain containment products to help you do it in style.

  1. Rain Collection

    Sunset rainwater barrel rev2


    While rain may be in short supply, cool looking rain barrels are not. Here are twelve favorites to pull up beside your house (or downspout) so you can start collecting rainwater to irrigate your lawn and garden. Be sure to check with your municipality first, however, because some areas prohibit the use of rain barrels in times of drought.

  2. Curvy Classic

    Sears algreen aqua rain barrel


    The Algreen Aqua Rain Barrel is made from a roto-molded plastic that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and resist chipping, peeling, or cracking. Topped with its own planter, the sandalwood container holds 50 gallons of water and comes with a corrosion-proof screen guard and four-foot garden hose with shut-off nozzle. At Sears, $102.23

  3. Top of the Rock

    02 rainwizardrock2


    Stuck between a downspout and a hard place is this Rain Wizard Rock—a rain "barrel" that holds 42 gallons of water and features a rust-proof brass spigot for easy accessibility. The durable, faux granite design imitates the look of quarry stone and adds an interesting dimension to any landscape. At Kmart, $132.99

  4. Country Club Chic

    03 emscohunter


    The shiny green, recycled resin container and traditional red-handled spigot gives this Emsco Hunter Rain Barrel its classic good looks. It holds up to 60 gallons, comes with a dual diverter, and features a removable cover for easy access. At Woodland Direct, $217

  5. Year-Round

    04 canadianyearround

    Hammacher Schlemmer

    While most rain collectors have to be brought indoors during the winter, this Canadian Year-Round model is built for extreme temperatures. The urn-shaped vessel holds 55 gallons, comes with a safety screen and grid to prevent leaves and debris from collecting, and features an overflow spout. Hammacher Schlemmer, $169.95

  6. Wine Enthusiast

    05 oakwooden

    Woodland Direct

    Once used to store wine, this Oak Wooden Rain Barrel has been cleaned, recycled, and converted into the classic rain barrel. Each is stained and completely sealed and then refinished with Black Oxide-painted metal rings and a brass spigot. Woodland Direct, $245

  7. Modular Walls

    09 slimlinewaterwallalternative


    Not only does the Modular Slim Line Harvesting Wall provide a great patio enclosure, but each panel stores up to 62 gallons of water. Walls are made from durable plastic, can be linked together, and come with two facing options—a modern rock wall on one side and flat panel board on the other. Both styles offer clever nooks for storage and planters. At Rain Barrel Source, $249.99

  8. P.I.Y (Paint-It-Youself)

    06 nantucket


    If you want something that will match your home's exterior perfectly, consider the Nantucket Great American Rain Barrel, which arrives unfinished and ready to paint. The 60-gallon capacity tank is made from recycled resin and comes with an insect screen, plus an (optional) adjustable spigot. At Hayneedle.com, $109.98

  9. Retro Style

    07 rc1raincollector

    Bobby Berk Home

    Reminiscent of vintage '50s lawn furniture with its punched metal diamond design, this powder-coated steel RC-1 Rain Collector offers a smart alternative to traditional barrel shapes. The 45-gallon rain collector comes in white, black, and brown, and includes a matching watering can for added convenience. At Bobby Berk Home, $550

  10. Water Feature

    08 algreenterracottafountain


    Collect rain and have a water feature as well with this Algreen Terracotta Madison Fountain and Rain Barrel. In addition to its fountain head with screen guard and river rocks, the 49-gallon reservoir comes with a built-in submersible pump for pressurized watering of your lawn and garden. At Amazon, $179.99

  11. Water Wall

    09 rainwaterhog


    Not only do these innovative Rainwater HOG panels store up to 50 gallons of water each, they can be installed vertically or horizontally and linked together to create a wall or privacy fence. Functional, efficient, and visually discreet. At Rainwater HOG, prices vary

  12. Spruce Box

    10 exacorainbarrel


    Shipped flat and easy to assemble, the Exaco ECO Rain Barrel is made from FSC-certified spruce to blend naturally with any landscape. It comes with a solid brass tap, universal downspout connection kit, and water diverter box with built-in overflow system. At Exaco.

  13. Rain Tank

    Shift design fitzwater wide and detail


    Unique, sleek, and simple, this 58-gallon Fitzwater Rain Tank brings a cool edge to rain water collection. Made of stainless steel, the tank comes with a 12-inch-tall base, 3/4" threaded outlet, 1-1/2" overflow outlet and removable lid. At Shift Design.

  14. How To: Make a Rain Barrel

    Sunset rainwater barrel rev 390x373


    To learn how to make your own rain barrel, visit our guide: How To: Make a Rain Barrel. You can find other great projects in our 30 Days of Easy Summer DIY .

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