Re-Do Your Home Exterior with a New Garage Door

If you were to look at pictures of all the homes built since the mid 1950s, you would notice one obvious commonality: For decades, the garage door has been the most noticeable aspect of the average home exterior. More than most homeowners appreciate, it's not paint colors or landscaping features that make or break curb appeal—it's the garage door! So if your home needs a facelift and fast, there's no upgrade more direct or cost-effective than replacing the battered old garage door. If it's been years since you last shopped for one, then you're in for a treat. There are more options on the market than ever before. The first manufacturer in the business, Overhead Door, offers reliable, secure, and stylish options perfectly suited to any house style. Click through now to see how the right choice could make for a virtually instant transformation that helps your home make a great first impression for years to come.

  1. Timeless Favorite

    Timeless Favorite

    Wood has always been a first-rate choice for garage doors, and you can see why: Properly maintained, it boasts a refined, timeless appearance that always fits in, no matter the architectural context. Indeed, aesthetics are important, but so is your bottom line, and believe it or not, garage door replacement pays you back! According to Remodeling magazine, you can recoup over three-quarters of what you spend on the project, depending on your region.

  2. Wood Look-a-Like

    Wood Look-a-Like

    If there’s a downside to wood, it’s the ongoing upkeep needed for the material to look and perform its best. For the look of wood without as much maintenance, consider fiberglass. Exceptionally durable, thanks to its internal steel construction, the Impression Collection® from Overhead Door mimics real wood all the way down to its artfully molded grain. Plus, built-in insulation helps control costly heat loss and gain, even while ensuring quiet operation.

  3. Modern Marvel

    Modern Marvel

    Sleek and sophisticated, with inset windows that bring light into the normally dark garage interior, aluminum-frame doors are a striking complement to contemporary residences. Choose a clear-anodized finish or among hundreds of powder-coated colors; Overhead Door includes both in its Modern Aluminum Collection. Beyond how it looks, you can also influence how the door performs, with customization options ranging from privacy glass to thermal efficiency.

  4. Optical Illusion

    Optical Illusion

    Though it looks like a set of outward-swinging doors from the good old days of horse-and-buggy travel, the model pictured moves up and down just like other garage doors. Classic in design, the Courtyard Collection from Overhead Door combines the look of wood with the durability of steel. Choose from multiple colors to complement your house or trim.

  5. One of a Kind

    One of a Kind

    Have something special in mind? On request, Overhead Door works closely with customers to construct one-of-a-kind works of art. Enjoy the freedom to specify every detail, from the basics (e.g., dimensions) to the particulars (e.g., handles and hinges). Set your home apart from all others in your neighborhood with a finely crafted, custom wood door that corresponds to the architectural flavor of your home, be it a New England Cape or a Spanish Colonial.

  6. Perfectly Suited

    Perfectly Suited

    These Carriage House Collection doors from Overhead Door are hand-stained to suit the siding and shutters perfectly. As a result, the home boasts a considered, harmonious exterior. Meanwhile, the steel back of the door provides a clean, finished look to the garage interior. Every day you leave the house is a day that you encounter your garage. So the question is: Do you like what you see?

  7. Panel Discussion

    Panel Discussion

    Redolent with old-world charm, the overlay trim board design has been around for centuries and probably isn't going out of style any time soon. Numerous other panel designs are available from Overhead Door, some equally traditional and some more contemporary. Besides a wide selection of finishes (including two-tone color schemes), the company also offers multiple window styles, including arched. Customers can even select the desired number of window panes.

  8. Built to Last

    Built to Last

    When lit from behind, with satin glass set into the frame, Modern Aluminum Collection doors from Overhead Door look sophisticated and, yes, almost magical. But looks are only part of the story. Made of corrosion-resistant, commercial-grade aluminum, the doors are built to last with standard or heavy-duty frames.

  9. Fine Craftsmanship

    Fine Craftsmanship

    Overhead Door makes natural wood custom designs to fit openings of any size or shape. Similar to others, the arch-topped installation here appears to swing open, when in reality, for the owner's convenience, it operates in the manner of a standard sectional door. With expert Amish craftsmanship, Signature® Carriage doors are made from the finest cedar, hemlock, and mahogany for a distinctive and long-lasting garage door destined to seize attention from the curb.

  10. Overhead Door

    Overhead Door

    Please visit Overhead Door for more information or to browse the company's full range of garage doors and openers.

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