Skip the Line: 15 Amazon Buys for Everyone on Your Gift List

We've all been there. You've got a long list of friends and family on your gift list, all with various passions, tastes, and holiday wishes. How to shop for everyone without visiting multiple stores all across town? The secret may be found at one of America's most popular online stores: Amazon. Take a look at some of our favorite picks for every type of person on your gift list.

Shop from Home

shop from home

Amazon offers countless treasures, many at very reasonable prices. And because these buys are delivered right to your door, you can forget about the holiday stress of scouring stores in search for that perfect gift.

For the Fashionista

holiday gift for the fashionista

For your fashion-forward friend that can't live without their AirPods within easy reach, this genuine leather case with keychain is the perfect accessory. It's designed to fit perfectly over the AirPods charging case, with strategic cut outs for the plug port and battery light. Available on Amazon ; $19.99.

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For the Little Scientist

holiday gift for kids

Inquisitive minds will delight in the wonderful world of minerals, when they have a chance to grow their own crystals at home. Any kitchen table can be transformed into a science lab with this everything-included kit that helps kids create glow-in-the-dark crystals in a range of colors and shapes. Available on Amazon; $33.74.

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For the Homebody

Gifts for Homebody - The Comfy

Shopping for someone who prefers a Netflix marathon to a hike or woodworking project? Then they need The Comfy. This wearable blanket allows you to stay cozy warm while still typing on your laptop, snacking on popcorn, playing video games, or even sitting around the fire pit. The large oversize fit means anyway from grandpa to the youngest tike can get comfy. Available on Amazon; $39.99.

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For the Gourmand Adventurer

Gifts for Outdoorsy People - Picnic Backpack

With a snack in your pack and wind in your sails, you can go almost anywhere—and those who live spontaneously do. Whether your friends enjoy a leisurely trek through the far-off hills, a casual jaunt in the local park, or a day spent splashing on a distant beach, give them the gift of a delicious meal—or at any rate, the means to carry it—wherever their wanderlust takes them. This convenient picnic backpack boasts four complete tablesettings, plus a spot to stash a bottle of brew and a blanket—everything needed for a luxe al fresco meal. Available on Amazon; $59.98.

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For the Teen Tethered to Tech

Gifts for Teens - Waterproof Speaker Speaker

Know someone who likes to take his or her tunes on the go? This bright, light, portable, and waterproof speaker connects with a music library via Bluetooth to play pretty much anywhere for up to 8 hours on its rechargeable battery. The BOOM Swimmer's uniquely designed tail can fold into a stand; loop around shower curtain rods, metal shelving, bicycle handlebars, and more; even swap out for a suction cup in seconds. Available on Amazon; $29.99.

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For the Minimalist Outdoorsman

Gifts for Outdoorsmen - 4-in-1 Axe

Nothing is better than a gift that won't go to waste, and a multitool builds in extra reasons to use it. This Zippo AxeSaw
folds the power of a 5-inch stainless steel axe head, a 15-inch saw blade, and a heavy mallet into one compact package—perfect for campers who carry only what's on their backs—and one low price. Gift this to the outdoorsman on your shopping list, and he can devote less time to chopping firewood and setting up or breaking down a tent on his next trip and more to appreciating the great outdoors. Available on Amazon; $61.70.

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For the Nostalgic Type

For the Nostalgic Type

Advances in digital photography have turned anyone with a smart phone into a talented photographer, but it used to be that amateur picture-takers trusted Polaroid for instant photos on the go. Well, what's old is new again! Renewed consumer interest in technologies of the past has prompted Polaroid to refurbish its original line of cameras. Specialists have labored to make sure each individual camera is ready to snap instant picture after instant picture. Available on Amazon; $389.99.

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For the Woodsy Entertainer

Gifts for Hostess - Wood Slice Tree Slice

You don’t have to be a mountain man or a lumberjack to appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor of the Cheese Log, a playful twist on a familiar staple of at-home entertaining. Sure, this is the definition of a novelty item—not least because the cutting surface only measures about eight inches in diameter. But as gag gifts go, the Cheese Log features construction of surprisingly high quality. While the board itself is made of solid beechwood, the stainless-steel knife, axe-like in design, cuts as easily through cured salami as the softest brie cheese. Timber! Available on Amazon; $25.

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For the Health Nut

For the Health Nut

The juicing craze started several years ago and it's seems like it's here to stay. Help the juicers in your family or your health-conscious friends make good on their New Year's resolutions to get (or stay) in shape by giving them the gift of a brand-new juicer from Breville, which can squeeze out 8 ounces of fresh juice in 5 seconds flat. Available on Amazon; $149.

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For the Organized Handyman

Gifts for Handyman - Tool Organizer

Got a hammer-swinging, screwdriver-twisting do-it-yourselfer on your gift list? Do him or her a favor: Buy this right away. Why? For the weekend warrior powering through project after project, it’s a time-wasting, sanity-testing struggle to keep track of all the millions of little bits and pieces that go into a successful repair or upgrade. From nuts and bolts to washers and tacks, the DEWALT Tough System stores and organizes it all. Even better—though it's made of rugged, durable, heavy-duty plastic, the case remains lightweight and easily portable. Available on Amazon; $44.46.

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For the Coffee Connoisseur

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Cold Brew System

Some days call for a refreshing cup of cold brew, but the iced beverage tends to be staggeringly expensive at neighborhood coffee shops. Give your coffee-loving friend a break—and perhaps their best morning ever—by gifting them The Toddy T2N Cold Brew System. The machine works without electricity to brew a strong coffee concentrate, which can be mixed with water (hot or cold) to create a smooth cup of joe. Since coffee made with the Toddy system has 67 percent less acid than standard brewed coffee, it’s ideal for those with sensitive stomachs. Available on Amazon; $38.92.

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For the Ultimate Crafter

Gifts for Crafters - Hobby Kit

Do you have an avid DIYer on your holiday gift list? Whether they’re a newbie or an old hand, they’ll appreciate the Dremel 2290 3-Tool Craft & Hobby Maker Kit. The combo kit comes with 32 accessories and three separate tools: an engraving tool for decorating a wide range of surfaces, a gas-powered soldering torch, and a two-speed rotary tool for sanding, routing, and cutting. With the Dremel Maker Kit, a maker can easily take on countless DIY projects for years to come. Available on Amazon; $101.07.

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For the Selfie Addict

For the Selfie Addict

Instagram isn't the only place for selfie snapping millennials to show off their digital photos. Any prolific photographer can now display the contents of their iPhone photo library on their wall or in their photo album (remember those?) by scanning their smartphone screen and clicking the button on this tiny printer. Easy! Available on Amazon; $28.99.

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For the Amateur Bartender

Gifts for Whisky Lovers - Whisky Chilling Rocks

If the hit show Mad Men has taught us anything, it's how to indulge in a round of grown-up drinks in style. For those who love a throwback cocktail party—or simply a quiet night spent by the fire with a drink in hand—this twist on an old classic will cool down a whisky served neat without watering it down. The secret to the cubes' chilling power is in their 100% soapstone design, which maintains a steady temperature over long periods of time. When you're ready to call it a night, just wash the stones and and toss them back in the freezer for your next party. Available on Amazon; $16.69.

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For the Green Thumb

Gifts for Gardeners - Garden Tool Set

A perfectly manicured landscape cannot be accomplished without the right tools. For serious home gardeners, this ergonomically-designed 7-Piece Garden Set simplifies yard work, planting, and weeding to help turn the garden into the pride of the neighborhood. All five tools feature wood handles and stainless steel construction, a combination that wards off rust—even if you forget to grab that trowel before heading inside. Plus the grab-and-go caddy is just five pounds, and the whole set (plus the folding stool!) fits snugly inside for easy carrying. Available on Amazon; $27.99.

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