Start Fresh: 10 Essentials for an Organized Entryway

As the gateway to your home, the entryway is the natural drop zone, a place to stow everything from outerwear, keys, mail, and more. Your design choices can make this crucial point either a place of clutter and disarray or an organization station, where everything has its place. Read on for our top picks for an organized entryway.

  1. Drop What You're Doing

    Console Table

    When you walk in with groceries, packages, or a week's worth of laundry, you may be inclined to just drop it inside the door. The ledge of an entryway console can lighten your load just when you need it most. Plus, it offers a permanent home to all the items you'll need before dashing out the door: keys, wallet, pocket change, you name it. At 16.3" deep, this modern beaut can slide into any narrow hallway to offer the dependable catchall of your dreams. Available on Amazon; $289.

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  2. Get Hooked

    Wall Hooks

    There's simply no denying the utility and versatility of the humble hook and peg. For centuries, these entryway stalwarts have provided convenient, easy-to-reach storage of such items as hats, bags, and coats to anyone entering or exiting. For clean, bright, modern homes, Loop Design Studio has updated the look of classic storage pegs, designing a minimalist yet cheerful set that mounts directly to the wall via anchors. Available at Etsy; $49 for five.

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  3. Hang It Up

    Coat Rack

    If floor space is at a premium in your entryway, a traditional coat stand won't fit the bill. But a wall-mounted solution like this floating shelf and coat rack gives you room to breathe. Not only is it a marriage of clever design and a smart use of space, it helps check clutter at the door. Available at Plow & Hearth; $59.99.

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  4. Rain Check

    Umbrella Stand

    An organized entryway means there's a spot to stash everything—including rain-soaked umbrellas. With a sturdy umbrella stand like this one, you'll never need to worry about dripping water creating a slippery mess on your entryway floor. The wood slats allow ventilation into the stand, while a cast iron drip pan catches moisture. Available on Amazon; $49.99.

  5. Shoe Rack

    Shoe Rack

    The entryway hall can all too easily transform from a tidy space into a sea of shoes. Keep the the disarray at bay by tucking in a secrete storage rack for footwear. This multifunctional storage unit not only holds up to 9 pair of shoes, but also serves as extra seating. After placing your shoes, simply pull the drawer up to conceal everything inside. Available at Plow & Hearth; $179.95.

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  6. Built-In Benefits

    Entryway Bench

    Increase the style and function of your entry with this cozy storage bench. Besides adding a decorative stamp to your space, the bench also boasts three built-in drawers, perfect for keeping pet leashes, seasonal accessories, or everyday items accessible yet out of sight. Available at Plow & Hearth; $250.

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  7. You've Got Mail

    Letter Holder

    Here's an small but mighty organizer that tidies unruly mail and adds instant cheer! Keep the mason jar portion of this hanging mail station filled with fresh flowers, and you'll maintain a smile even when it's all bills and no postcards in your inbox that day. Available on Amazon; $30.

  8. Shoe Bench and Organizer

    Storage Bench

    A shoes off policy in the house helps protect hardwood floors and cuts down on household dust—but where do you check your shoes upon entry? This simple storage bench offers an answer. Take a seat while you pull off your shoes, then stow them in one of the twelve shoe compartments, and leave smaller items like keys and sunglasses in one of the wicker baskets. Available at Plow & Hearth ; $299.95.

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  9. Special Delivery

    Mail Organizer

    Have you resolved to institute a new regime of orderliness in your home? Don't let the mailman throw you off course! Every day, he brings a fresh batch of paper clutter to your door, and if you're not careful, it might only be a matter of time before those bills, pamphlets, and magazines are littering the otherwise usable surfaces in your home. To fend off the onslaught, you need a place to corral mail until you're ready to look through it. Available at Amazon; $12.99.

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  10. Hanging Wall Shelf

    Wall Shelf

    Keep coats and bags tidy and organized as soon as you hit the door with this easy-to-install hanging rack and shelf storage unit. Use the larger hooks for all your bulkier coats and jackets, while utilizing the smaller hooks for lighter pieces, such as purses, scarves and backpacks. The 4-slot compartment above is perfect for storing everything from hats and gloves to books and baskets. Available on Amazon; $115.39.

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