The Best 10 Doormats Under $50

It’s a necessity for every household: a doormat. It not only serves as a welcome accent, but it stops dirt, water, and other messes from being tracked into your house. But even though a doormat is an essential, you don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on something that is purposely meant to be stepped and stomped on. Here’s a selection of cheap doormats that look good, but more importantly get the job done.

Flip Flop Doormat

Flip Flop Doormat

This funky doormat takes recycling to the next level: the durable surface is made of scrap foam rubber from flip flops. The rubber, which is produced by a sandal factory in the Philippines, gets a second life as a home decor piece instead of taking up space in a landfill. Not only will the “green” doormat inspire eco-friendly homeowners, it will also add a bright pop of color to any entryway or mudroom. Available at Uncommon Goods; $35.

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Funny Doormat

Handmade Doormat

Are you never fully prepared when guests knock on the door? Then this cheeky doormat would be a welcome addition to your porch, entryway, or patio! The durable coir mat features a steady vinyl backing, and the lettering is applied by hand in outdoor paint. Available on Etsy; $48.

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Inlaid Sunray Doormat

Semi Circle Doormat

Hello, sunshine! That's how guests will be greeted when they wipe their shoes off on this bristled sunray-shaped doormat. The natural color scheme provided by the coco fiber and high contrast of the black rubber that peeks through looks stunning on a doorstep without overpowering your other elements of curb appeal. Plus, the 18x30-inch semi-circle is low maintenance: It won't attract mold or mildew growth and dirt falls off in a shake. Available at Wayfair; $26.99.

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Artificial Grass Doormat

Astroturf Doormat

This 29.5x18-inch patch of grass is one that doesn't require a "Keep Off Lawn!" sign. In fact, the extra-long (and extra durable) artificial blades on this evergreen doormat actually brush shoes clean of dirt and debris that you don't want tracked into the house. Meanwhile, any rainwater, snow, or other precipitation that makes it to your doorstep will drain from it with ease. Water—er, rinse—occasionally to clean and keep this tiny lawn lush. Available on Amazon; $18.99.

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Waterhog Doormat

Waterhog Doormat

Need a hardworking doormat for your busiest entryway? Check out Waterhog—probably the only doormat ever to have developed a cult following. The appeal? Waterhog engineers its doormats to absorb as much as a gallon of water. That goes a long way to keep your home dry and clean! So do the deep grooves embedded into each mat in order to catch mud, slush, and whatever else got stuck to the bottom of your shoes. Available in multiple colors and sizes, and made in the USA of durable propylene, Waterhog mats clean up easily, dry quickly, and resist mold and mildew. Available at Plow & Hearth; starting at $39.95 for a 2-foot-by-3-foot mat.

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Lobster Rope Doormat

Lobster Rope Doormat

Lobster rope: It's strong enough to withstand high winds and crashing waves, but when spun into a weave, it's also stylish enough to serve as an eye-catching doormat. Made in Maine—where else?—mats like this one owe their popularity to the durability of their material, and to their careful, quality construction. But perhaps most appealing is that, by virtue of their origin story, conversation-starting lobster rope mats make a memorable first impression. Available at The New England Trading Company; $49.95.

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Flagstone Doormat

Stone Doormat

Designed to mimic the look and texture of a flagstone garden path, this doormat is perfect for wiping off dirt and debris from your boots. The tiny gaps between each of the "stones" work as scrapers to remove mud and gunk, then traps it so it stays on the mat, not on your floors. This recycled-rubber mat rinses clean with a hose and can stand up to months of use. Available on Amazon; $28.

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Knotted Doormat

Rope Doormat

If a doormat's selling point is its ability to trap dirt, then the boost it gives your curb appeal is an added bonus. This nautical woven rope doormat is a practical yet charming accent for any home, whether beachside or landlocked. Built to weather the elements, it will serve you well as it prevents sand and mud from entering your abode. Available at; $44.

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Durable Doormat

High End Doormats

Simple and durable, the AquaShield Cordova Doormat is the MVP of doormats. With non-skid and SBR rubber backings, it has been certified as slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. Sure to see lots of foot traffic, this commercial grade mat doesn’t mold or mildew and is resistant to most weather. Reviewers rave at how well it holds up without showing any wear or tear, and how it easy it is to wipe or hose down to clean. Available in a range of colors, the molded design adds a nice touch of detail without clashing with your home’s decor. Available from The Home Depot; $39.99.

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Welcome Doormat

Hello Doormat

Let your doormat do the talking as your visitors come and go. The traditional chino rug shows off the fun vibes of your household as it greats your guests and bids them farewell. In addition to being an amusing accent, it’s also practical. The doormat is skid resistant, weather resistant, and easy to clean. Better yet, it won’t cost you anymore than $13. Available at Target ; $12.99.

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