The Best Appliances You Can Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond

You probably get their coupons in the mail but when is the last time you took a good look at the offerings at Bed Bath & Beyond. As the name suggests, this popular home store has pillows and bedding, towels and toothbrush holders but it also has incredible appliances for every corner of your home. Here are just a handful of some of the best small appliances you can buy at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  1. Homemade Bubbly

    Homemade Bubbly

    Sparkling water is having a moment right now. From La Croix to San Pellegrino, options abound for consumers who fancy a fizzy drink. But you don't need to pay to purchase bottles and cans of the stuff, when you can make your own with a SodaStream machine. Slip a canister of CO2 into the appliance, attach a bottle of regular, old tap water and depress a button to turn water into—er, sparkling water. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; $99.99.

  2. Cut Your Cook Time

    Cut Your Cook Time

    The Instant Pot is part pressure cooker, part slow cooker, and totally genius. This darling of food bloggers everywhere has earned a reputation for the way it simplifies meal prep and slashes cooking times. And it's now available in several models and sizes to suit the needs of any home chef. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; $129.99.

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  3. Standing Strong

    Standing Strong

    Without a doubt, the Cadillac of mixers is the KitchenAid stand mixer. Not only is it convenient, effective, and versatile, but it is sold in numerous colors to match any kitchen decor style—from retro or country to sleek and modern. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; from $379.99.

  4. Mini Spin Cycle

    Mini Spin Cycle

    For a full-size clothes dryer, head to your local appliance dealer—but for an efficiency-size model, check out the NewAir at Bed Bath & Beyond. This portable clothes dryer is designed to bring laundry convenience to tiny houses and small apartments. Despite its small size, it can dry nearly 9 pounds of laundry in a single load! Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; $281.99.

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  5. Put Cleaning on Autopilot

    Put Cleaning on Autopilot

    The vacuum you can control from an app on your phone, the Roomba is the ultimate in smart home cleaning solutions. Its small size allows it to maneuver under and around furniture for a spotless home you only need to lift a finger (to your phone) to achieve. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; $349.99.

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  6. Flexible Cleaning Tool

    Flexible Cleaning Tool

    If you don't own a Roomba, it might be because you can't bear to give up your Dyson—these vacuum cleaners don't have a cult following for nothing! This cord-free stick vacuum is so cleverly designed that you can take it from hardwood to carpet and back again without any diminishment in performance, and swivel the cleaning end under and around furniture, cabinets, baseboards and other obstacles without stretching or straining. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; $499.99.

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  7. Make the Most of Mist

    Make the Most of Mist

    One of the most beloved home humidifiers on the market is available at your favorite home goods store. The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier runs for up to 24 hours on a single tank of water to keep your indoor air hydrated (and your family healthier) during dry winter months. When the water tank is empty, the whisper-quiet appliance automatically shuts off, so you can save energy and prolong the life of the product. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; from $41.99.

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  8. Go Yonanas

    Go Yonanas

    Not every as-seen-on-TV appliance endures through the ages, but the Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker certainly seems to have kept its customers satisfied throughout the years. Health nuts and sugar addicts alike can appreciate this incredible invention that turns frozen bananas, strawberries, and more into delicious soft serve treats. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; $39.99.

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