The Best Places to Buy Plants Online

A trip to the garden center is a rite of spring for green thumbs. There's the smell of soil in the air, knowledgable staff to help you choose the right greenery for your yard and, of course, plenty of plants for the taking. But if your local nursery doesn't sell the variety of plants you need, or your demanding schedule leaves you with precious little time to shop, there's always the internet. You might not think it, but there are plenty of online shops that will deliver live plants right to your door. Here are 11 of our favorite options.

  1. Moss Acres

    Moss Acres Plant Store

    Is grass struggling to grow in your shady yard? Then consider switching to moss—a sustainable, low-maintenance, and shade-loving plant that works as a lawn replacer or landscape enhancer. Unfortunately, moss isn’t widely available at local home stores, but homeowners can turn instead to Moss Acres. The online destination headquartered in northeastern Pennsylvania sells a wide range of moss species, moss growing accessories, and beginner guides for gardeners. Buy some greenery and grow a beautiful rock garden, sustainable lawn, or moss roof in no time!

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  2. Great Garden Plants

    Great Garden Plants

    Want a luscious garden without a trip to the nursery? Enter Great Garden Plants, a locally owned website that ships beautiful plants to your doorstep. The ten-year-old company has greenhouses along western Michigan to supply perennials, ground covers, shrubs, hedge plants, roses, and more. The plants arrive in perfectly-sized pots to encourage healthy growth, and each product is backed by a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

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  3. Etsy

    Etsy Plant Vendors

    Etsy is an online marketplace where makers sell one-of-a-kind gifts, artisan jewelry, and crafts, but it is also a prime destination for growers of flowers and greenery. Each plant vendor who sells through Etsy specializes in providing a unique selection of flora. For instance, Twisted Acres sells colorful air plants; Georgia Vines offers a wide range of outdoor perennials and trees; and 5 Star Succulents sells small but impressive succulent arrangements. And that's just a glimpse of the variety of vendors who make their goods available on Etsy!

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    Etsy via Georgiavines

  4. Home Depot

    Home Depot Plants

    The same website that will sell you a toilet flange and a bag of concrete is a great place to shop for plants. Home Depot offers an impressive online version of their in-store garden center, where you can pick out flowers and landscaping plants, as well as the fertilizer and tools you'll need to maintain your new greenery. While you're there, check out Home Depot's online tools to make shopping easier, like a calculator that helps you determine exactly how much mulch you'll need to cover your garden beds.

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  5. Burpee

    Burpee Plant Store

    Having been in the gardening business since 1876, Burpee knows well what gardeners of all levels need and want for their backyard plot and makes it completely accessible through its online catalog today! Pick up everything from your starter equipment to a selection of garden-ready herbs, vegetable plants, and perennials from Burpee Plants. The site has a little something for everyone, like a brand-new variety of beefsteak tomatoes that can grow in a sunny deck container garden and a Fresh Herb Plant Collection that starts home gardeners off with one plant each of basil Genovese, rosemary, thyme, parsley, cilantro, and oregano.

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  6. Cactus Limon

    Cactus Limon Plant Store

    Love that a plant that looks so exotic can be so easy to care for? Expand your drought-tolerant garden with a wide range of foreign and familiar succulents and cacti from Cactus Limon, a California-based online cactus and succulent nursery. This family-run business ships anywhere within the 50 states and stocks everything from individually potted succulent party favors to complete dish gardens filled with multiple plants. While you stock up on miniature succulents and tabletop cacti, like this Grafted Crest Moon Cactus, don't forget to admire the rare, one-of-a-kind varieties that rotate through the nursery as well.

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  7. The Sill

    The Sill

    Based in New York City—home to the company's popular brick-and-mortar mini chain—The Sill offers a thoughtfully curated selection of beautiful, low-maintenance houseplants (each of which comes in its own spiffy ceramic pot). Sure, you pay a premium for the just-add-water convenience of it all. But if you’re a trepidatious beginner in the world of indoor gardening, there's no more welcoming entry point than The Sill's simple and easy-to-navigate online store.

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  8. Amazon


    What can't you buy on Amazon these days? Since it organized its garden brands into a recently-launched plant shop, the e-commerce giant now includes a wide variety of live plants, too—succulents, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. (You'll even find an 8-3/4-inch Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree sold from Costa Farms for under $30!) Place your pot and plant into your cart and purchase all with Prime to have it in time to start your container garden over the weekend.

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  9. Logee's

    Logee's Plants

    If you've already mastered the art of growing run-of-the-mill houseplants like pothos, philodendron, dracaena, and snake plants, you may be ready for the challenge of caring for a potted fruiting plant. For potted fruit trees delivered to your door, look no further than Logee's, which specializes in fruiting, rare, and tropical plants. Here you can find orange, lemon, and avocado trees as well as things you might not find at your local nursery like fig, persimmon, guava, coffee, curry leaf, and star fruit plants.

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  10. Pistils Nursery

    Pistils Nursery

    A well-chosen plant is more than an air-purifier, but when positioned properly it can function as a statement piece. Pistils Nursery specializes in striking, artful plants you won't see in most lawn and garden stores. Otherworldly Marimo moss balls, mounted moosehorn ferns, soil-free bulbosa and simple heart fern are just some of the plants available for online purchase. The shop also offers modern planters and hangers to display your living treasures.

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  11. Monrovia

    Monrovia Plant Store

    Why buy plants directly from one of the largest and best-established nursery suppliers in the country? One word: choice. A one-stop shop for trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and more, Monrovia offers an astounding range of over 3,800 varieties, including many you simply cannot get elsewhere. Even better is that for each plant in the inventory, the online store features comprehensive, expert info and care instructions, helping you make the right selections for your climate and your garden. Only note that quality-committed Monrovia ships not to your front door, but rather to the local nursery you designate at checkout.

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    With a pinch of effort and almost no upkeep, you can have the lush, beautiful garden of your dreams. The secret is to choose plant varieties that enjoy a little hardship. We’ve compiled the essential list of hardy flora, with tips for care and maintenance. Go now!