The Right Path: 15 Wonderful Walkway Designs

From gravel to brick, bluestone to concrete, these gorgeous walkway ideas can take you wherever you want to go in your landscaping.

  1. Stepping Stones

    Stepping Stones

    Large stones laid over grass form a casual, comfortable walkway leading through this yard to the garage. Few DIY walkway ideas are as accessible for beginners. Indeed, a stepping-stone walkway often makes for an easy weekend project.

  2. Brick

    Brick Walkway

    Brick lends itself to no small number of walkway ideas and design options. Here, the path has been laid in a running bond pattern with a contrasting border. Basket-weave, herringbone, and stacked bond patterns are also excellent choices for a brick walkway.

  3. Pallet Wood

    DIY Pallet Walkway

    Recycled pallet wood makes a rustic complement to this short garden walk between drive and yard. The spaces between boards allow vining plants to creep underfoot.

  4. Gray Gravel

    Gravel Walkway

    Gravel isn’t just for driveways. On the contrary, it's the basis for many walkway ideas popular among DIYers for their low cost and welcoming, informal look. Extremely versatile, gravel comes in myriad colors and sizes. Here, wooden railroad tie steps strike an elegant color contrast with the gray gravel stones.

  5. Stamped Concrete

    Concrete Walkway

    Concrete has so much more to offer now than it did in the past. These days, it can be colored and textured to look like many other types of stone or paving materials. Need proof? This stamped concrete design boasts an undeniable warmth that traditional floated concrete simply can't match.

  6. Bark Mulch

    Mulch Walkway

    Bark mulch is a budget- and DIY-friendly material to keep in mind for no small number of appealing walkway ideas. This path, edged in round river stone, winds casually through a tulip-lined garden for a natural and unaffected look.

  7. Pavers

    Paver Walkway

    Pavers can really dress up a garden and are an excellent choice for more formal areas. Though pricey relative to other materials, pavers require less maintenance and upkeep than many other options that cost less.

  8. Wood Slice

    Wood Slice Walkway

    A walkway made of wood slices is delightfully earthy and rustic. Just lay your slices out on a bed of sand and let nature take its course. With moss growing between the wood, it feels ancient and otherworldly.

  9. Mosaic Pebble

    Mosaic Walkway

    Some of the most jaw-dropping walkway ideas involve either pricey materials, laborious professional installation, or both. A mosaic pebble walkway will impress anyone who walks on it, and while pebbles are reasonably priced, this type of path must be put in by a skilled artisan. Every one is a unique work of art.

  10. Bluestone

    Bluestone Walkway

    Of all walkway ideas, the traditional bluestone path stands out for its timeless appearance and appeal. Many pattern and color choices exist (in fact, some bluestone isn't even blue). In this yard, the stone's natural character gives earnest charm to the entryway.

  11. Tumbled Glass

    Tumbled Glass Walkway

    You can really let your walkway sparkle with tumbled-glass mulch. Yes, that’s right! This recycled material comes in a wide array of colors, is long lasting, and never fades. The production process produces glass that has virtually no sharp edges. Truly unique, you’ll surely be the only one on your block with anything like it.

  12. Thyme

    Thyme Path

    The thyme growing between these stepping stones adds a heady fragrance to strolls along this lush, low-maintenance garden path.

  13. Stenciled Concrete

    Concrete Stencil Walkway

    If you already have a concrete walkway that’s in decent shape but feels a little boring, consider giving it a makeover with painted stencils. Whether you want to elicit whimsy or bring a bold graphic to the space, you can accomplish it with minimal time, effort, and money.

  14. Pavers & Lava Rocks

    Lava Rock

    Stock concrete pavers are inexpensive and readily available at most hardware and home supply stores. But they’re not exactly exciting. Surround them in a cut-out bed with red lava rocks though, and they really make a statement. The colors of the rock and pavers work seamlessly with the brick and concrete steps and porch of this home. Nice work!

  15. Bamboo

    Bamboo Walkway

    Bamboo is one of the Earth’s most sustainable building materials, making it an eco-friendly choice appropriate for a range of walkway ideas. Here, laid in long rows, each with an alternating orientation, bamboo makes handsome and sophisticated decking for an elevated pathway to this modern home.

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