These 8 Home Makeovers Prove the Power of Paint

They say that first impressions are everything—and there’s no better way for your home to make a good first impression than with a fresh coat of paint. Better yet, a new paint job is a relatively quick and easy way to transform a space. If you need more proof of paint’s remarkable abilities, check out these 8 home makeovers in which paint played a starring role—then rush off to the hardware store to pick up some swatches and start planning your own home transformation.

  1. Brick House: Dark and Dull

    Brick House: Dark and Dull

    This brick exterior is perfectly suited to this traditional-style home, but it's also drab and unimaginative.

  2. Brick House: Light and Bright

    Brick House: Light and Bright

    A few coats of white paint gave the once dark exterior a bright dose of curb appeal and made the entire house look bigger.

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  3. Patio Slab: Utterly Ordinary

    Patio Slab: Utterly Ordinary

    Cracked and boring, this functional yet humdrum concrete slab lacked personality.

  4. Patio Slab: Monochrome Makeover

    Patio Slab: Monochrome Makeover

    After a thorough degreasing and priming, the concrete was painted to resemble black and white tile, creating a whimsical pattern that gives off an Alice in Wonderland vibe.

  5. Front Entry: Deteriorated Doorway

    Front Entry: Deteriorated Doorway

    Recessed in a dark entryway, the front door of this dark brown house seemed to disappear into the facade. Even worse, the house itself was neglected and in disrepair.

  6. Front Entry: Country Dream

    Front Entry: Country Dream

    Now, after swapping out the boring brown for a neutral shade of green-gray, the front entry is cheery and inviting, and the door itself is more prominent, welcoming rather than confusing visitors.

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  7. Vintage Cabin: Out of Date

    Vintage Cabin: Out of Date

    The pale siding of this 1940s cabin blended into its woodsy surroundings. Its generally forgettable exterior was brightened by bold red Adirondack chairs and a few vibrant-colored pots.

  8. Vintage Cabin: Red Restoration

    Vintage Cabin: Red Restoration

    Taking a cue from the bright red accessories, the exterior now sports a rustic red hue that makes the cabin stand out in a jaunty, sunny way.

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  9. Brick by Brick: Sturdy and Serious

    Brick by Brick: Sturdy and Serious

    This red brick ranch-style house, shown here from the back, lacked excitement and looked dated.

  10. Brick by Brick: Playful and Fun

    Brick by Brick: Playful and Fun

    Once it was painted white, the home gained a clean, modern appearance that livened up the tired old brick.

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  11. Colonial Home: Stuck in the Past

    Colonial Home: Stuck in the Past

    This traditional colonial-style home felt a little stuffy and stuck in the past. A new paint job seemed like just the ticket to bring the house back to life.

  12. Colonial Home: Stately Transformation

    Colonial Home: Stately Transformation

    It can be controversial to paint brick on a historic structure, but as this home dates back only to the 1980s, the owners had no qualms about giving the exterior a gleaming, light revitalization.

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  13. Vintage Trailer: All Original

    Vintage Trailer: All Original

    This 1972 travel trailer was in major need of a renovation. Over the years, the exterior of the vehicle had collected rust, dents, and discolorations.

  14. Vintage Trailer: For a New Generation

    Vintage Trailer: For a New Generation

    After stripping paint off the aluminum casing and replacing some of the panels, the new owners gave the camper a period -appropriate paint job festooned with colorful diamonds that celebrate its playful roots.

  15. Ranch Home: Blank Slate

    Ranch Home: Blank Slate

    Boring and beige, this brick ranch was a house you would drive past and never think twice about.

  16. Ranch Home: Pop of Color

    Ranch Home: Pop of Color

    The garage door, storm door, and shutters were all painted in a smokey slate blue that plays nicely with the slightly pink cast of the brick exterior. Together with a few shrubs set in a sinuous bed and the planters and comfy chair flanking the door, these hits of color breathe life into the formerly monotonous exterior.

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