These Classic Vinyl Siding Colors Deliver Curb Appeal for Years

Boost your home’s curb appeal with one of these gorgeous vinyl siding hues, from classic neutrals to trendy bold colors.

Swap Out Your Home's Siding

Vinyl Siding Colors for Curb Appeal

Switch out your home’s outdated, yellowed siding for long-lasting vinyl and enjoy an instant aesthetic enhancement. Struggling to choose a product and tint that suits your home’s style and architecture? Here are 15 vinyl siding colors with staying power.

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Vinyl Siding Colors: Indigo

The dark-on-dark combination is an exterior design trend that’s growing in popularity. Royal Building Products’ Exterior Portfolio Market Square line features a variety of deep tones, including this intense Indigo, that provide a regal upgrade. Here, the rich blue pairs well with the dark wood door and shutters.

Royal Building Products

Wrought Iron

Vinyl Siding Colors: Wrought Iron

Deep tones are now soaring in popularity and are quickly outpacing light colors as a primary exterior color choice, says Kristine Swint, Director of Marketing Communications for Royal Building Products. She adds that “navy is both a classic color yet still makes a bold design statement.” On this home, the dark base color from the company’s Celect® line looks exceptional next to white accents and a stone border.

Royal Building Products

Shale (Clapboard), Grove (Board & Batten), and River Rock (Trim)

Vinyl Siding Colors: Shale, Grove, and River Rock

Swint also points out the growing trend of mixing materials and styles, especially when it comes to adorning the exteriors of dwellings that feature a modern farmhouse aesthetic. She adds that “board and batten siding mixed with stone or brick continues to gain popularity for a modern farmhouse look.” The mix of natural and neutral colors and textures used on this house (also from the Celect line) delivers an impressive visual impact.

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Royal Building Products

Laguna Blue

Vinyl Siding Colors: Laguna Blue

Alside’s Charter Oak siding collection contains a slew of highly durable options (capable of withstanding Category 5 winds) including an expansive color palette. This dark, bold blue-green siding choice adds a powerful punch to the home’s exterior. Pair the deep color with bright white accents for a dramatic, eye-catching effect.


Ageless Slate

Vinyl Siding Colors: Ageless Slate

According to Susan DiMauro, Director of Marketing Communications at Associated Materials, blue and gray hues are in high demand. Blue and gray colors from the company’s Charter Oak line of vinyl siding—including Ageless Slate pictured above—amounted to fifty percent of sales for 2019.

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Coastal Blue

Vinyl Siding Colors: Coastal Blue

Gentek’s Fairhaven Sound Single Select collection offerings include a variety of attractive shingle-style sidings that mimic a natural wood-look. The material looks like wood yet has all the durable qualities of polymer technology. Coastal Blue is part of the designer lineup and is an on-trend dark-hued pick that looks brilliant juxtaposed with white accents.


Midnight Surf

Vinyl Siding Colors: Midnight Surf

The Sequoia Select collection from Gentek features an array of classic, neutral tones. Midnight Surf is a clean gray hue that’s both elegant and striking. This siding series is low-maintenance and the available colors provide plenty of impact.

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Windswept Smoke

Vinyl Siding Colors: Windswept Smoke

Gentek’s Windswept Smoke, and similar hues, “were inspired by nature,” DiMauro says. This earthy, rich tone pictured in the company’s Signature Supreme siding is perfect for homes set amidst a natural backdrop.


Sea Slate (Siding) and Sand (Scallops)

Vinyl Siding Colors: Sea Slate and Sand

ProVia’s Cedar Peaks siding is available in multiple colors, but the Sea Slate hue stands out among the rest. Coupled with vibrant white trim and Sand Timberbay scalloping, the dark blue gray provides a vivid, stately contrast.

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Vinyl Siding Colors: Melrose

This red-hued siding option from CertainTeed is a striking exterior color choice. The Monogram® siding collection is low-maintenance and extremely long-lasting thanks to UV blocking technology and anti-fade protection. The deep red color looks great next to white or black accents and is a lovely choice for dwellings with a farmhouse-house aesthetic.


Pacific Blue

Vinyl Siding Colors: Pacific Blue

If an entirely red exterior seems too daring, but you’re still interested in CertainTeed’s durable product line, opt for this beachy blue hue. Pacific Blue is a versatile color that pairs well with a variety of home styles and accent colors—including a beautiful bright red door!

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Sable Brown

Vinyl Siding Colors: Sable Brown

On its own, brown siding can look drab and unappealing, but alongside bright white trim this earthy Sable Brown siding pops. Get impressive results and evoke a natural, down-to-earth vibe with this rich dark brown hue from CertainTeed’s Cedar Impressions® collection.



Vinyl Siding Colors: Nightfall

Gray exteriors are a safe choice because they tend to complement any color trim or other exterior accessory. But that doesn’t mean they’re boring! This Nightfall shadefrom ProVia is a bold, impactful hue that is particularly striking when paired with both black and white accents.

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Vinyl Siding Colors: Willow

Green is a bit of a wild card as a siding color, but it is a wonderful option for those interested in evoking Mother Nature. While all-over green can look more “wicked witch” than classy, this Willow siding from ProVia blends in effortlessly with natural stone elements and gray and white accents.


Mountain Berry

Vinyl Siding Colors: Mountain Berry

This gorgeous red siding from ProVia is ideal for those seeking a vibrant exterior color option. Stand out from the rest of the neighborhood with this berry tone. If you’re worried about results appearing too barn-like, check out the above home to see how mixing hues and textures provides a distinct aesthetic that’s far from what you might find on a farm.

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