Trending Now: Feather Trees

A traditional piece in Christmas decor, feather trees are tickling a new generation of holiday revelers.

  1. Modern Classics

    feather trees

    Although the tradition of feather trees began in Germany more than a century ago, these playful pieces look right at home in a modern setting.

    Better Homes & Gardens

  2. More Space

    feather trees branches

    In addition to their small scale, the wide spacing between branches on a feather tree are ideally suited to displays of ornaments, like these vintage Shiny Brites arranged by Eclectically Vintage.

    Eclectically Vintage

  3. Berries and Boughs

    feather trees berries

    Faux berries are a common adornment on the branches of green feather trees. This 24" design is just one of many from The Feather Tree Co.

    The Feather Tree co.

  4. White is Right

    feather trees white

    White feather trees—a popular color choice since these holiday decorations were first sold in the US—continue to attract attention today. 

    Real Simple

  5. Goose Feathers

    feather trees goose

    True to their name, feather trees are hand-crafted by attaching dyed goose feathers to wire so that they resemble pine boughs. The branches are then inserted into a wood dowel "trunk", which in turn is set into a base. 

    Aaron Beacon Journal/Photographer Michael Chritton

  6. Color Choices

    feather trees color

    The classic feather trees feature green branches with red berries or ivory branches. Updated variations boast a full range of colors, like these assorted hues from The Feather Tree Co.

    The Feathre Tree co.

  7. Sheer Delight

    feather trees decor

    Designer Amy Chalmers (of Maison Decor) was thrilled to decorate a 24" feather tree she had purchased on eBay. This Martha Stewart (for Kmart) tree is no longer being produced, but it can still be found online.

    Maison Decor

  8. Patriotic Tribute

    feather trees year-round

    Many homeowners use feather trees throughout the year, displaying Easter eggs, Halloween decorations, and more. This one exhibits a definite patriotic flair with its red-white-and-blue ornaments. 

    Happier Than a Pig

  9. Care and Storage

    feather trees care and storage

    Feather trees should be stored in a closet or a climate-controlled location, not in an attic or basement where they will be exposed to extreme heat or moisture. Avoid storing your tree in an airtight container; instead, cover it with a pillowcase (or paper bag) with cedar blocks.

    Martha Stewart

  10. Peacock Trees

    feather trees peacock

    A great source of feathers for all manner of craft and fashion projects, Feather Place also offers an exotic twist on the feather tree: a design that incorporates peacock feathers.

    Feather Place

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