Ugly Appliance? 7 Easy Makeovers That Totally Transform

What do you do with an ugly fridge or an unsightly dishwasher? If your budget dictates that you won't be upgrading to this year's sleek new models, there's still hope for your home. With a little flair for inventiveness and some basic supplies, you can transform—or even disguise—any appliance that doesn't suit your style. Read on to get some fresh ideas for your home.

  1. Give the Fridge Some New Stripes

    Duct Tape Projects

    Duct tape, once a humble handyman’s helper, has morphed into an essential DIY decor tool, available in compelling colors such as this metallic gold. It’s perfect for renters who want to give their appliances an update, since it peels right off most metals. Use a ruler and pencil to mark guide points before slowly applying the tape in long strips.

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  2. Dress Up Your Laundry Machines

    Laundry Room Ideas

    To lend an old­ school washer and dryer a glamorous new look, tape on a plastic stencil (there are a slew of stylish options available online) and roll on some chalk paint. It’s a smart idea to protect the new finish from scratches with a topcoat of polyurethane.

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  3. Stick It

    Contact Paper Crafts

    Another ultra­simple way to make statement in a bland rental kitchen: Jazz it up with contact paper. For the punchy look shown here, white chevron stripes were applied to a black refrigerator.

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  4. Disguise Your Dishwasher

    Cheap Kitchen Remodel

    So you can’t afford a fancy new dishwasher at the moment? It’s still possible to make your old one disappear. These homeowners used painted beadboard and wood strips to cover their unit’s front panel and mimic their cabinetry. A hinged drawer front hides the controls; it flips up for access and ventilation while the machine is in use.

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  5. Word Up

    Monogram Appliances

    Custom press­on letter decals (easily found online) can personalize a standard appliance or give an old one a new lease on life. Here, a small, curvy font is used to add a bit of attitude to a mixer; a big, bold monogram on a refrigerator would add impact on a whole different scale. .za

  6. Color Your World

    Painting Appliances

    Colorful finishes are a hot trend in the high ­end appliance world; happily, it’s easy enough to get the same look for just a few bucks. Simply grab a can of spray paint in your favorite shade. Tape off all working parts and openings, look for a paint that’s heat­ and rust­-resistant, and follow the paint manufacturer’s prep guidelines.

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  7. Small Change, Big Impact

    Oven Knobs

    Decor is all about the details—so even minor touches will give well­-used appliances new allure. Consider brightening knobs or handles with a contrasting paint (use a heat ­resistant type). Here, a splash of red, inspired by the trademark knob color used on a super pricey brand, gives an ordinary range a major style boost.

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