Walk on the Wild Side: 14 Amazing Painted Floors

Does your floor need a new look? Instead of replacing it with costly broadloom or hardwood, consider painting it. Today’s homeowner has a lot options for painted floors. Painting is no longer restricted just to wood floors—concrete and linoleum are also good candidates for a paint makeover, which works well in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and front halls. If you’re thinking of painting the floor of one or more rooms in your home, keep a few things in mind before you start. First, consider color: While a light color on a floor may brighten up a dark space, if it’s in a high traffic area, it will show dirt more easily. Pattern is another important decision. It's faster and easier to apply one allover floor color, but a repeating pattern or central painted design can be striking and dynamic. Do you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional? If your budget makes this a DIY job, there are many online tutorials as well as special tools and stencil kits to help your project look fabulous.

  1. Squared Away

    Painted Wood Floors

    The painted floor of this bright and airy bedroom is a delightful surprise, bringing a burst of color to the white and black color palette. The strip hardwood was first painted a solid apple green and then topped with bold white squares. Look closely to see the slightly uneven floorboards.

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  2. Perfectly Hidden

    Painted Stairs

    Bet you looked twice at this painted stair floor runner! The repeating blue floral pattern is a pretty accent on an oak hardwood staircase. Edged in Wedgwood blue, the allover pattern complements both the light oak treads and the white spindles and deftly camouflages the wear and tear on the middle of each step.

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  3. Painted Exterior Rug

    Painted Rug

    A rug can make an outdoor space feel more like a room. To prove the point, see how this gorgeous painted rug warms up a gray wooden deck with a stenciled pattern in red, gold, and blue. If you are a DIY type, visit your local building supply or hardware store to find a stencil pattern you like.

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  4. Dine in Style

    Geometric Design

    Do you love to combine styles? This colorful painted floor is unexpected and lively, especially when paired with the traditional dining room table, chairs, and buffet. The geometric design, which includes rectangles, squares, and triangles, focuses the eye on the area beneath the dining table.

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  5. Splattered and Splendid

    Splattered Paint

    If you want a one-of-a-kind textured floor that is easy on your budget, a paint-splattered floor could be your answer. Select a pleasing base color for your floor, then grab a can of a complementary color and a bag of plastic forks from the dollar store. Dip the fork tines in the paint, then simply flick them across the floor in random patterns. Beautiful!


  6. Simple Is Best

    Painted Floors

    This London terrace townhouse gets a lift from its bright, white floors. The light flooring not only perks up the wall color, it also picks up the pretty white accent paint on the windows and fireplace mantel. This neutral floor shade suits many design styles and may be a good choice as a temporary solution for worn floorboards.

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  7. Fresh Look for Linoleum

    White Kitchen

    A coat of paint gave this linoleum floor a fresh look. The homeowner was even able to use the square pattern in the linoleum as a guide for placing the stencils. Before painting over linoleum, remember to clean the floors thoroughly, using a degreasing cleaning solution if necessary.  

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  8. Set Off a Living Space

    Floor Patterns

    Decorative painter Brian Leaver is a master at creating painted floors to define a living space. A painted floor in one area of a larger room can, like a well-placed area rug, designate a space for a specific activity, such as eating or playing. This painted wooden floor gives the appearance of tile, with large and small squares set on an angle.


  9. Painted Persian Rug

    Persian Rug

    If you love the look of an expensive Persian carpet but doubt it would stand up to the wear and tear of your household, a painted rug may be just what you need. This elegant effect is perfect for high-traffic areas or beach houses that are frequented by sandy feet. A painted rug is practical and beautiful, and it develops a lovely patina with time. And if you get tired of it, just paint it out!


  10. Colorful Camouflage


    The owners of this home camouflaged beat-up wooden floorboards with a delightful array of muted squares painted over hardwood strips. The unevenly placed squares lead to the staircase, mimicking a front hall runner. The homeowners first sanded the floors, and then painted squares in a random sequence of muted blues, greens, grays, reds, and browns.


  11. Linoleum Made New

    Painting Linoleum

    Wood isn’t the only flooring material that may benefit from a makeover. Check out this linoleum bathroom floor that got a style update with a coat of navy blue paint. The indentations of the linoleum pattern remain, creating an unusual and attractive textured finish.

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  12. Don't Forget the Basement!

    Painted Concrete

    If you're unhappy with an unsightly concrete floor, paint it! This floor was painted to mimic 12-inch tiles using five different colors—gray/blue, brown, light tan, deep red, and white. The painters achieved the look of slate by starting with one main shade on each tile, and then sponging on different colors.

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  13. A New Take on Concrete

    Painted Concrete Floors

    This upscale take on a concrete floor employs a roughly offset pattern of fake tile lines that creates the look of terra-cotta tile while enjoying the durability of concrete. The glossy dark brown shade, the perfect backdrop for the marble furniture, evokes an old-world ambiance.


  14. Elegant Painted Floor

    Glossy Floors

    Here’s a floor that’s been painted to look like a checkerboard—an inexpensive route toward an expensive look. Glossy black squares alternate with brown, marble-like squares, an effect that can be achieved using a brown bag painting technique.


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