Weekend Projects: 10 DIY Gifts to Make and Give

You don't need to spend a fortune or wait in long lines to give the perfect gift to a loved one this holiday season. All you need to make these gifts are two hands, a few supplies, and a little creativity.

Teacup Candle

Teacup Candle

Put those one-off cups and saucers to good use by creating a candle to give for the holidays. Don't have any? You'll find them in abundance at thrift stores and garage sales.  Then, pick up some candle wax, wicks, wooden skewers and follow the tutorial here.  Resourceful and beautiful!


Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble Coasters

Give second life to an incomplete set of Scrabble tiles with this oh-so-simple DIY project from Inhabitat. Use an extra-strong all-purpose adhesive to glue tiles to cork scraps to create a bevy of beverage-worthy coasters. In need of a few extra letters? Find them in bulk on Etsy.


Sleeve of Wine

DIY Wine Sleeve

For this year's host with the most, a bottle of wine will be much appreciated. Dress it up by slipping it into the sleeve of an old sweater, stitching the bottom shut, and tying a festive bow around the neck.


Craft an Ornament

DIY Ornament

Snag your place on a loved one's Christmas tree with a handcrafted ornament. Great ideas are legion—paper stars, bell jar dioramas, acorn-studded decorations, clay feathers...possibilities are limited only by time and imagination. Whether you make an entire set for a new homeowner, or just craft a few for dinner party guests— they're sure to be a homemade hit.


Wood Cutting Boards

DIY Cutting Board

Cutting boards are among the most useful items in the kitchen, and they make fantastic gifts—but a fine handcrafted board can cost a pretty penny. With a jigsaw and sander, you can produce your own cutting board from salvaged wood and mineral oil, saving money and giving a gift that will last a lifetime.

Centsational Girl

Braided Rug

DIY Braided Rug

Friends and family need not step their bare feet on cold morning floors any longer with this thoughtful gift. Follow the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess to make a basic braided rug by hand. Try different fabrics and lengths to create rugs for bathrooms, bedrooms, and even living rooms! Recipients will be impressed— and their chilly toes will thank you.

A Beautiful Mess

Wood Games

DIY Wood Games

Construct a simple wood game that will be fun for the whole family. Consider making your own memory game, dominoes, or even a novelty-sized Jenga, as you whittle down the list to a few top contenders.


Planter Box for Herbs

DIY Herb Planter

Foodies and home chefs will love this planter box, perfectly sized to let your herbs thrive in a most convenient location—the kitchen window. Find seed packets at your local nursery or buy young plants to fill out the box, and start your favorite chefs on their next culinary adventure.

DIY Network

Starburst Mirror

Starburst Mirror

An ideal gift for the new homeowner or fledgling graduate, a starburst mirror adds light to stark walls. Wood contractor shims, primer, and spray paint make up the back; round mirrors can be found at reasonable prices through online retailers like IKEA.

A Beautiful Mess

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