Wheelbarrows to Lighten Your Load

Just as shovels and rakes come in every size and shape, wheelbarrows are now available in varying designs to suit your gardening needs.

Total Control

Modern Wheelbarrow

A modern version of the classic powder-coated, steel-construction wheelbarrow, the True Temper Total Control features ergonomic handles for superior control and maneuverability, along with a six-cubic-foot hauling capacity that makes the model suitable a range of even heavy-duty DIY jobs. Available at Hayneedle; $89.99.



Collapsible Yard Cart

A collapsible yard cart that can carry up to 150 pounds in its canvas basin, the Allsop WheelEasy appeals, in part, because it facilitates convenient ground-level loading. In addition, owing to its low center of gravity, pushing a loaded-up WheelEasy requires surprisingly little effort. Perhaps the best part is that when you're done for the day, it's no trouble to break down the cart and stow it away. Available at Amazon; $144.08.



Garden Wheelbarrow

Its unique two-wheel design gives the Marathon Yard Rover an exceptionally balanced design that, in combination with a loop handle, allows for easier lifting, pushing, pulling and maneuvering. It's not the largest wheelbarrow, nor the one to choose for extra heavy loads. But if you're an average homeowner in the market for an affordable, lightweight, user-friendly solution suitable for common outdoor projects, your search ends here. Available at Amazon; $69.99.



Wheelbarrow Dolly

The WORX Aerocart redefined the wheelbarrow as a versatile, multi-purpose tool for moving just about anything—not merely landscape trimmings and the like, but large, heavy, awkwardly sized items as well (think boulders and major appliances). The Aerocraft itself weighs 200 pounds, but you'd never know it, as ergonomic design permeates every inch of its handsome, all-steel construction. Available at Amazon; $139.



Electric Wheelbarrow

Powered by a brawny, rechargeable 40V battery, the Greenworks Cordless Garden Cart features 10-inch, self-propelled wheels that go a long way to help get the job done. A boon for gardeners with physical challenges—and for those who live on property with steeply inclined terrain—the quiet, clean-running electric cart even features a quick-release dumping feature that makes off-loading a breeze. Available at Amazon; $484.38.


EZ Pour

Wheelbarrow Pour

Be it a regular item on your to-do list or a one-time special project, work that involves mixing and pouring calls not for a traditional wheelbarrow, but rather for the True Temper EZ Pour—a design undergirded by durable steel, steered by hardwood handles, and distinguished most of all by a molded spout that allow for precise placement of mulch, concrete, and myriad other materials. Available at The Home Depot; $95.49.


Huge Hauls

Steel Wheelbarrow

This is your Dad’s classic two-handled one-wheeler with a twist—his was never as light, and never able to carry quite as much. With high-density polyethylene construction and the ability to hold up to 800 pounds, this warrantied model from Scenic Road stands out not least for being made in America. Available at Walmart; $168.69.


Utility Garden Cart

Yard Cart

This is a wheelbarrow and more. For one thing, its four-wheel design ensures extra stability and enhanced maneuverability. But the real draw of the Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart may be that, with a rust-proof bed able to support 1,500 pounds, it's virtually always up to the task at hand. The push handle even converts to a hitch, letting you tow loads behind your tractor, riding lawnmower, or ATV. Available at Amazon; $129.


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