Wow with Words: 10 Ways to Bring Typography Style Home

Do actions really speak louder than words? If we're talking about relationships, most people would probably say yes. But when it comes to your home, words themselves can make a pretty strong statement. Decorating with words is a way to express your personality in any given situation (or room), whether you're feeling cheerful, charming or cheeky. From a striking gallery wall to a small sentiment on your bedside table, sometimes you don't need a picture to tell the story. Want to try some word play at home? Here are ten simple ways to get the conversation started.

  1. To the Letter

    Typography Ideas

    Make a statement... one letter at a time! With a handful of single letters in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For a truly eclectic look, try different frames and other small artistic objects to accent your letters.

  2. Personal Marquee

    Light-up Words

    Who says you have to make it to Broadway to see your name up in lights? Spell it out with big, bold LED letters—and you're sure to be bound for stardom.

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  3. Step on It

    Chalkboard Paint Stairs

    Chalkboard paint has become one of the darlings of home decor. This incarnation features this playful paint on stair risers, where thoughts can be written and rewritten as often as you please. But don't be limited by the stairway—the walls love to chalk up a good idea too.

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  4. Decor with a Directive

    Scrabble Pillows

    These Scrabble-inspired pillows spell just a single word, but they get the point across without question. When greeted with such an enticing and straightforward invitation, it only seems right to oblige.

  5. Simply Stated

    Painted Letters

    One word can be worth many. A few painted wooden letters perched atop a white dresser, simple mantel, or picture ledge let you say how you feel. If love isn't is the air, perhaps hope, faith, or calm is.

  6. The Writing Is on the Wall

    Words on Wall

    Say what’s on your mind! A drab desk area can easily be turned into a spirited space with handwritten words of wisdom or thoughts of the day.

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  7. Less Is More

    Kitchen Typography

    No design overload here, just a strong three-letter word that lets you know you’re in the right place. Try using the same concept to get your message across in other rooms throughout the house: WORK or PLAY, anyone?

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  8. Speak Easy

    Painted Chair

    Give new life to a thrift store easy chair with this unique typography design. The lettered effect is created by applying upholstery fabric spray over vinyl letter stickers that you just peel away after the paint dries.

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  9. Make the Passion Last

    Stencil Wedding Sign

    Special occasions lend themselves to creative invitations, labels, and signs, and there's no reason you can't repurpose some of them after the event has passed. Placed in a garden or on a doorstep, this rustically romantic wedding sign will be a constant reminder of a special day. / TRUECONNECTION

  10. Eat Your Words

    Stenciled Placemats

    Here's an easy DIY project guaranteed to spark dinner conversation. With regular old burlap, letter stencils, and acrylic craft paint, you can make these mats in an hour or two. You could also use this technique to make personalized name placemats, designating each family member's spot at the table.

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