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Genius! The Foldaway Fix for a Clunky TV
Dedicated DIY-ers like Allison Allen know that fixing one design problem often causes another. When Allen, the blogge...
10 "Under $10" Buys for Your Best-Ever Bedroom
Our bedroom may be our retreat from the rest of the house, but many homeowners admit it's one of the last rooms they get around to decorating. If yours needs a li...
Weekend Projects: 5 Dreamy Designs for a DIY Crib
Whether you’re a parent-to-be or simply wish to give a new mom and dad something special, consider crafting a DIY cri...
21 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Big
Do you covet a larger master bedroom, kids' room, or guest room but are stuck with a small space that won't stretch to fit? Use these 21 DIY bedroom ideas to turn...
14 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Headboard
Headboards can make a strong statement in a bedroom, adding color, pattern, and texture to the space above your pillows. But they can also cost a pretty penny, wh...
10 Easy Hacks to Fix a Squeaky Bed
The sign of an old box spring is a bed that just won’t stop squeaking when all you’re trying to do is catch a bit of shut-eye. Instead of rushing out to buy a new...
11 Budget DIYs for an Instantly Better Bedroom
The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, which is why it's so important that its overall look perfectly matches your idea of a restorative retreat. The hig...
Don't Make These 7 Bedroom Design Mistakes
To catch a glimpse of a homeowner’s true design sensibility, skip past the manicured lawn, through the primped foyer, and into the bedroom. This inner sanctuary i...
7 New Projects for Your Old Bedsprings
Where do mattresses go to die? The landfill, most often. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s still life under what looks like old junk, if you’re willing ...
8 Notorious Closet Problems, Solved
Nearly every homeowner has dealt with the plight of a smaller-than-you'd-like, over-stuffed, disorganized closet. No matter what the specific complaint—we can cou...
Would You Buy a Mattress on the Internet?
It would be an exaggeration to state that mattress shopping provokes as much stress as, say, losing your job or getti...
7 Cool Colors for Kids' Rooms
As they grow up, kids change their ideas about their favorite color about as often as they change their socks. So how is a parent to choose what color to paint a ...
How To: Clean a Down Comforter
Just about every down comforter has a tag with care instructions that read, "Dry Clean Only. " But if you're on a bud...
9 New Ideas for Shared Bedrooms
A house feels most like a home when you share it with those you love—and gathering together with friends and family is even more fun if everyone has a comfortable...
11 Things Never to Keep in Your Bedroom
In a busy home and even busier life, your bedroom is often the one space you can turn to for a little bit of respite. So why clutter up a would-be zen zone with i...
9 Inventive Ways to Build an Extra Bed
Whenever family and friends come together, you’re likely to need extra sleeping accommodations. You don’t have a traditional guest room? Never fear. There are ple...
Underbed Storage: 8 Helpers to Buy or DIY
Nine times out of ten, the search for extra storage space in the bedroom can leave a homeowner stumped. If your closet is stuffed past capacity and your drawers a...
DIY Barn Door Headboard
We've seen a resurgence in barn door decor over the years but when we spotted this project from Beth at Home Stories ...
DIY Wood Headboard
We love it when home DIYers aren't afraid to work with wood and stains. So when we saw this project from Mandy at The...
DIY Wingback Upholstered Headboard
There's something transporting about wingback furniture. And private. When it comes to wingback headboards, that litt...
DIY Door Upcycled Headboard
French doors are one of those charming classics that we think never goes out of style. And so that's why we thought t...
DIY Reclaimed Barn Door Headboard
At BobVila. com we like resourcefulness. And we love reclaimed wood. So when we saw this salvaged barn door headboard...
IKEA Headboard Gets a DIY Makeover
Who doesn't love IKEA? It's affordable, flat packs make it easy to transport, and a breeze to assemble (well, usually...
DIY Repurposed Window Headboard
At BobVila. com, we love an old window. No, really. And this repurposed window headboard from Liz Marie puts one of o...
10 Simple Ingredients for a Very Comfortable Bed
Although getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night may be a bit of a pipe dream, that's no reason not to make our bedroom spaces dreamy. Our beds be...
10 Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Bedrooms
A small bedroom can present big design challenges. When there's a depressingly finite amount of square footage to play with, must-haves like a bed and a dresser ...
10 Small Bedrooms with Huge Amounts of Style
<p>Tiny bedrooms can present big decorating challenges. Apartment dwellers as well as homeowners feel the pinch when faced with balancing the need for storage and...
Weekend Projects: 5 Easy and Elegant DIY Canopy Beds
We tend to think of canopy beds as being romantic, glamorous, and perhaps a bit showy. Yet their origins are humble. ...
Under the Eaves: 10 Arresting Attic Rooms
Attic rooms are challenging to furnish. Their charming-but-awkward features like sharply sloped ceilings and angular dormers can make furniture arrangement a real...
9 Celebrity Bedrooms That Are Truly Star-Worthy Sanctuaries
Celebrity homes are known for extravagant designs, lavish amenities, stunning views—and location, location, location. When night falls and the stars come out, the...
Weekend Projects: 5 Flat-Out Wonderful DIY Platform Beds
Platform beds never go out of style—unlike, say, platform shoes, but that's a different story. Appropriate in a range...
Weekend Projects: 5 DIY Nightstand Project Ideas
You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Only when I tried living without a nightstand did I realize how import...
Bob Vila Radio: DIY Headboards
The most important part of any bed is the mattress: The right mattress on a good frame is key to a good night’s sleep...
11 Reasons We Love Blue Bedrooms
Blue is one of the world's most popular colors. Taking its inspiration from the sea and sky, it represents peace and tranquility, relaxation and well-being; quali...
Kids Crammed In? 10 Great Ideas for Your Kids' Shared Bedroom
Wondering how to fit three or more kids into one bedroom? Between beds, toys, books, and clothes, finding room for everything can be a challenge. Take a look at t...
Design Ideas to Steal from 9 Beautiful Bedrooms
Whatever your style—bright colors or warm neutrals, bold statements or a cozy feel—you can bring a little individual inspiration to your bedroom.
Weekend Projects: Big Ideas for Small Bedrooms
Although property assessors define a bedroom as having a door and a window and a closet, it's not so stupendously rar...
10 Bunk Beds Well Worth the Climb
These stylish and space-saving bunk beds make it easer than ever to tuck in two—or more—sleepyheads in one room.
Sweet Dreams: 15 Inventive Beds You Can Make Yourself
You spend nearly one-third of your life sleeping, so ideally your bed should feel comfortable and special. Here are fifteen “dreamy” and easy DIY bed frame designs.
How To: Make an Inexpensive Desk for Your Kids
It was a challenge to find a desk for my five-year-old daughter. I needed something size-appropriate that would provi...
Weekend Projects: 5 DIY Ways to Organize Your Bedroom
At the end of another long day, doesn't everyone want—or even need—the bedroom to be a place of peace, a relaxing ref...
The Green Bedroom
Your ElectricityYou hear it everywhere, but it’s an easy and cost-effective change: compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. ...
Remodeling the Empty Nest
Some families prefer to leave bedrooms alone when their children move out after high school; they want their children...
Make Your Bed: 16 Easy DIY Headboards
<p>Do you really need a headboard for your bed? If you live in modern construction, probably not. The genesis of the headboard is in fact practical, not aesthetic...
Murphy Beds: 9 Hide-Away Sleepers
Since its 1900 invention, the Murphy Bed has become a standard space-saving solution for making a room multifunctional.
Make Any Room a Bedroom with a Murphy Bed
There's a room off our kitchen dedicated as a playroom for our daughters (ages 2 and 4). Originally, the house plan d...
What Makes a Room a "Bedroom"?
Defining the BedroomDefining the bedroom space is important for two main reasons: home value and safety. The value of...
Tour the Completed Nursery for the Newborn
Much cosmetic, insulation, and sound reduction work has transformed a tired-old attic bedroom into a peaceful, pretty, and healthy room for baby.
Painting the Guest Bedroom
Bob is in the guest bedroom across from the nursery reviewing the kind of paints being used and interior painting tips.
Looking at New Bedroom Closets
Bob checks out the California Closet storage systems designed for the master bedroom suite and smaller bedroom closet.
Installing Paneling in the Master Bedroom Closet
Bob joins carpenter David Ives, who is installing the paneling in the master bedroom closet, and then checks in on artist Kim’s faux finishing work on the walls.
Planning Exterior and Interior Lighting, Storage Solutions, and Interior Decorating
A high-tech lighting control system is reviewed, as well as furniture, storage, and decorating choices in various rooms.
Features of the Personal Valet Clothes Freshening System
Dave Herbert (from Whirlpool) joins Bob to talk about the new Personal Valet Clothes Vitalizing System being installed in the master bedroom closet.
Built-In Closet Storage Installation
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley are working in the master bedroom building two storage units in the walk-in closet.
Decorating the Master Bedroom
Bob and designer Leslie Curtis take a quick tour through the master bedroom. Here, Curtis has chosen Autumn Wheat from the Bob Vila Signature collection paint line.
Finished Brownstone Bathroom, Bedroom, and Patio
Bob and Chris Vila continue the walk-through of the Manhattan Brownstone with a look at the new bathroom.
Planning for the Second Floor and Master Bedroom
Bob surveys the current layout of second floor, then meets with the general contractor, with whom Bob talks about the plans for the second floor and the master be...
Installing Carpet in the Bedroom
Carpenter Bob Ryley goes over a bedroom carpet installation.
Demolition in the Upstairs Living Quarters
After the controlled demolition is complete, Bob tours the upstairs living quarters of the governor's mansion.
Tour of the Restored Living Quarters
Bob tours the finished restoration of the historic sections of the Virginia governor's mansion.
Tour of the Completed Loft Conversion, Part 2
Collaborating architect Lisa Shire accompanies Bob, as he continues his tour of the completed loft conversion.
Tour of the Colonial Revival Home
Bob meets homeowners Tracy and Linda Gallagher at their 1930s Colonial Revival home. Bob also meets the architect and contractor, whom the Gallaghers have enliste...
Foundation Excavation and Formwork
Bob and contractor Paul Morse review the excavations and formwork for the foundation.
Master Bedroom Interior Design
Bob takes a look at the master bedroom and talks with the interior designer. The two discuss the window treatments, new bedroom furniture, his and her closets, an...
Malibu Master Bedroom Tour
Bob and interior decorator Robyn Peterson tour the master bedroom and bath. The 'antiqued' wood carpentry adds warmth to the bedroom, as does the use of unbleache...
Final Tour of the Interior, Part 1
Bob continues his final tour of the complete Wayland project house with the interior designer, who explains the thought process behind the furniture and color pal...
Final Tour of the Porch, Swimming Pool, and Interior
Bob tours the finished porch and pool area, and exchanges comments on the beautiful completed project with the architect.
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